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A Year of Health

Today is New Year's Eve, and tomorrow is when 2015 officially begins. What would you like to do in order to take your health to the next level in the course of the next 12 months? 

Resolutions Are Not The Answer

Needless to say, New Year resolutions are known to fail by the end of February. We end the holiday season with sincere dedication to our health, fitness, and the abolition of bad habits, but sustaining such promises tends not to work for most people. So, what to do? 

Rather than resolutions, I like to set intentions. If I make a resolution, it's like a promise, and some promises can be hard to keep. So, I set intentions, and I do my best to fulfill them. It may sound like semantics to you, but experience demonstrates that resolutions are not all they're cracked up to be. 

What Are Your Goals? 

For 2015, what are your goals? Would you like a HgB A1c result under 6? Would you like to test your blood sugar more regularly? Do you want to make sure to have a complete physical in the first half of the year? How would it feel to get some moderate exercise on most days of the week? 

Some goals can be modest, like walking three times per week after work. Meanwhile, some goals can be rather bigger, like losing 30 pounds over the next 12 months. 

Whatever your goals are, set an intention to work towards making them a reality, while also making sure that you are setting realistic, achievable, and measurable goals that have a large potential for success. Success breeds success, so if you achieve a small, short-term goal, you'll be more likely to follow through with the next step in moving forward. 

To use the weight loss example, perhaps losing 50 pounds in 12 months is a little unrealistic for you (and potentially unhealthy), so a goal of a total annual weight loss of 15 pounds might be more achievable. Setting smaller goals that you can actually achieve will get you much further in the end than setting pie-in-the-sky goals that may be well-meaning but most likely are setting you up for failure. 

Goals are what you make of them. Make them work for you. 

Moving Forward

Moving forward from January 1st is easy. You just have to wake up, put both feet on the floor, and begin the metaphoric walk towards December 31st. 

Remember, set goals that are realistic and achievable, be gentle with yourself, and begin the year on a positive note. 

Let's set the intention of 2015 being a year of improved health, whatever that means for each of us. We can all use some improvement on one level or another. 

Shall we begin? 

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