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Getting Ready for the School Year Early, Why Not!

I realize it’s summer time and I should be relaxing pool side but I can’t help myself.  I keep thinking about the extra steps I need to take when getting Matt ready for school this year.  Toward the end of this school year the teachers were required to view a “Lock Down video” to ensure they knew the procedures in the event it happens in our school.  

I begin thinking, what happens if Matt gets pulled into a room that doesn’t have his emergency kit.  What if he goes low, a high he can survive, a low needs immediate treatment.   So I make the decision to meet with the school nurse the day after school ends.  This is to ensure we are on the same page when school starts in September.   This summer I will be begin working with the nurse to finalize the memo outlining the processes needed if Matt gets pulled into a classroom during an emergency.  The memo along with an emergency bag  will be provided for every classroom.  Here's my approach:

Main Classroom & Specials such as Music, Computer, etc.

Plastic zip lock bag with the following:

  1. Regimen
  2. Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Glucose)  chart
  3. Hyperglycemia (High Blood Glucose) chart
  4. Water
  5. Soda (Screw top )
  6. 15g juice
  7. 15g snack

All Other Classrooms

Plastic zip lock bag with the following:

  1. Memo
  2. Water
  3. Soda (Screw Top)
  4. Hard Candy
  5. Glucose Tablets
  6. Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Glucose)  chart
  7. Hyperglycemia (High Blood Glucose) chart

The goal of course is to never use the items, but be prepared in case something does happen, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a lock down.  When pulling together the bags for the “other” classrooms keep in mind that you want something that will last from September, through June.  This will eliminate the nurse having to go back and replace the spoiled snack.  If you have any ideas on how you prepare for the school year and would like to share I would really appreciate it!

The medical and academic 504.  When Matt was in kindergarten I made sure he had a 504 in place with the nurse, it outlined the process for his daily blood sugar checks along with insulin dose calculations.  I didn’t realize that he also needed an academic 504 until 2nd grade.  Both are extremely important to ensure your expectation as a parent is met and the school has a clear understanding of what processes you want in place for your child.  

My approach, is to meet with the teacher if possible during the summer to review Matt’s regimen along with the hypo and hyper charts. These charts are for the teacher to keep near by if something doesn’t seem right.  I also review Matt’s in school daily process, which includes how often he will see the nurse and why, (before snack and lunch), I feel the more educated the teacher is the safer the child will be.  This will also make her comfortable with understanding the signs of highs and low and the precautions taken to avoid them. 

The academic 504, I review with the teacher, guidance counselor, principal and nurse.  We outline the process in the event Matt has a low during state testing.  There are processes in place that the teacher and the nurse must implement when this happens.  After we discuss and agree on the process, I then educate my son and let him know what steps need to be taken and why.  By working together, the teacher lets me know in advance, the time of the test and I’m able to ensure that his blood sugar is checked prior, and is in good place before he starts.

I have always made it a point to let Matt know the process and if he feels comfortable, in most cases he's okay with what I have outlined.  The key is to ensure he is involved and has control, which then leads to confidence.  The goal is for Matt to have a great school year and since It’s usually crazy busy on the first day I like to meet in advance to make the first day seamless.  Until the next pencil meets the paper, have a great day.

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