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I Love my Kids, but What About Me?

Just saying the words makes me feel selfish.  I ALWAYS put my kids (including my dog) first, which was great in the beginning.  My feelings didn’t change over night it was years that passed and I realized that they are growing up and didn’t need me as much.   I spoke about finding my path in my last blog, only when my son began his journey of independence it became possible.  Yes, it is a journey because he’s moving toward years of understanding what is needed to become self-sufficient.  I began to see light at the end of the tunnel, when he began to progress.

Today I was watching my Sunday “pick me up” on TV.  I can honestly say that my life has direction and the path I was put on, is helping me fine-tune what I ultimately want to do as a career.  You hear the phrase “Success is on the other side of Fear.” 

Well these past few years I have been slowly nurturing a job that I wasn’t sure I could do.  I know my fear is (because I feel it everyday) the “fear of failure.” I still need to overcome the fear I have in my new job.  There are so many new aspects that I have never done, and it scares me.   This opportunity will allow me to grow professionally and help others, which I think is a bonus. 

Let me give you a little history about me, so you understand my fears.  I was always quiet growing up, a great advocate for an obedient child, it wasn’t until I got older that I realized that the obedience didn’t allow me to step out of my comfort zone.   It wasn’t until Matt was diagnosed and I had to advocate for him, I realized, I didn’t just step out of my comfort zone I was kicked out of there really hard.  It was terrifying, but I didn’t have a choice.  What I wasn’t aware of, as I was going through the motions, I was not only teaching both my kids how to advocate for themselves I was beginning to create my own “new defined” life.  If you told me 10 years ago I would have ended up where I am today I would have laughed out loud. 

But here I am, a Health Coach, helping people regain control of their health and teaching them what I know, which in turn helps their own family.  I truly love when my clients reach their weight goal and understand what’s involved in holding onto that great feeling of accomplishment. 

I always told Matt his illness was a blessing.  It saved his Dad’s life, because he took control of his health and set a good example for our kids.  The effect on the family then changed my view point, and I began changing my path not only to lose weight but to help others.  I have to believe that there’s reason for everything and look at the positive.

It’s no doubt, hearing the words “your child has type 1 diabetes” is difficult, and it’s not until you go through the motions that you realize what’s involved.  When I was done being mad at the world, for not understanding what we were going through I began to accept the illness and move forward.  Lean on friends, family, and other families going through the same thing.  Find your comfort zone, ask if you’re not sure, and stick with your decisions, in the end you will be happy that you did. Remember don’t be afraid, “Success is on the other side of Fear,” whether it's diabetes or your own personal goal.  Until the next paper meets pencil, have a great day!

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