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Living for Today, Planning for Tomorrow

I always looked forward to summer vacation, when I was in school and even when I was just working.  This year is different.  My son Matt, who is now 9 years old and in 3rd grade was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 5 while in preschool.  He had a lot to overcome and as his “mom-guide” I knew I needed to set guidelines over the next few years to ensure his long-term success.  Yes, I do think like that; I always feel like you need a plan.  The goal (which was for him as much as me) was to ensure he had a solid foundation when handling his illness and how diabetes, fit into his life but didn’t become his life.

We are now rounding the corner to the end of the school year and my baby boy is now ready to be more independent with his diabetes.  The emotions of all these years I spent getting him ready which meant, administering his own shots, knowing the carb count in food, reading his doctor’s regimen and being able to determine what to do when he checks his blood sugar came bubbling up to the surface.  It was today that all these feelings came flooding back as I headed into the hospital for my routine mammogram.

Today my husband and I are celebrating our 15-year wedding anniversary and maybe that's why I'm feeling overwhelmed, but not in a bad way. I'm identifying what we have gone through as a couple.  I think it hit home when I saw a little girl in front of the hospital get out of the wheelchair and into the car.  I was thinking back to the day when Matt was the one wheeled to the car after being released from the hospital with an illness that changed our lives forever.  This is the hospital that I was in when I gave birth to both of our children. We were here when Matt was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and where we come when our kids need blood work.  This is the hospital my husband was born in and the hospital my father-in-law passed away in.  I think back 15 years ago and never did I think I would have so much history in one place...good and bad. 

 All these emotions and as I'm writing this in the waiting room I feel like crying.  Maybe I can't believe 15 years have gone by so quickly and regardless of the ups and downs that life has offered, as parents we have to stay strong through the good and bad.  Everyday we are faced with decisions some easy, some hard, some big, and some small.  Regardless, I'd like to think I was rational enough when making them.  I always try, for the most part, to think things through that way I know I made the best decision possible. 

Everyday we have the power to decide what we eat, if we are going to be happy or sad, what time we are going to go to bed, and everything else in between.  Make today the beginning of new decisions and living for the now because your choices do affect the future.  I recently read an article that stated “Live like you are going to die tomorrow but plan like you are going to live a long life.”  I’d like to think I do live for the now, within reason of course, but I always plan for the future.  As you begin to read my blog, I hope you will find the information I’ll share about my life somewhat useful.  In the end, as I’ll share my experiences, all of them, not just the good, but the bad as well.  My goal will always be to make a difference by sharing my knowledge as a mother of a type 1 diabetic child and the experiences I have being a health coach.  Remember, we’re not perfect and it’s okay. Until the next pencil meets the paper, have a great day.

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