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Easy to find Diabetic Compatible Products - RECIPE: "Magic" Remoulade Sauce

August 19  2013


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Common Products that are Diabetic Compatible


Dannon Light & Fit  "Greek" yogurt, strawberries, and toasted almonds. (Net Carbs 12g)

It tastes better in a beautiful glass

What made the biggest difference for me after my diagnosis as a type 2 Diabetic, after I met with the nutritionist at the local Diabetes center and had been SCREAMED AT, was meeting with a dietician/ nutritionist from my local “stupidmarket”. This lady walked me up and down the aisles pointing out what were “better” choices for me as a Diabetic.

My mistake at the very beginning was to hunt through the sugar free items for things to eat. Like so many people that are not Diabetic, I too thought that SUGAR was the problem. SUGAR was what I had to avoid. Even though I got and thoroughly read all the pamphlets Dr. Dan gave me, I was still confused about carbohydrates. I got it that I had to limit how many grams of carbohydrates I ate, but the connection still was not in my brain. Ann gave me the key, now all I had to do was use it.

I am not going to keep you waiting a second longer. This is a list of some common COMMERCIAL products that I use a great deal for both controlling carbohydrates AND keeping my diet varied and interesting.

(Again I need to be clear that I do not represent any product, take monies or advertising from any product. I share them with you to make your eating life as easy as my life is.)


-JOSEPH’S Lavash, Pita, and Tortillas(net carbs 8,6,5 respectively)

- Arnold Sandwich Thins (Net carbs 17g.)

-Tortilla Factory Rye Tortillas (net carbs 8g.)

- Sara Lee “Delightful”  Breads (net carbs 9g. per slice)

- Thomas’ Light English muffins (net carbs 18g per muffin)

-Trop 50 Orange juices (net carbs 13g. per 8 ounces)

-Ken’s Salad Dressings (1-2g. per tbsp.

-Hershey’s Special Dark cocoa. (net carbs 1g. Per tbsp.)

-Perugina Bittersweet chocolate (net carbs. 12.5 per ½ bar)

-Eggo “Low Fat” Waffles (net carbs 11g. per waffle)

-LEA & PERRINS Worcestershire Sauce (Og.)

-Sweet pickle relish (no sugar added) (net carbs 0g. per tbsp..)

-Low Fat, Sodium reduced broths (0 g.)

-Breakstone’s Sour cream (net carbs 1 G. per Tbsp.)

-Healthy Choice Premium Fudge bars (net carbs 11g. per Tbsp.)

-Dannon Light & Fit “Greek” Yogurt (net carbs 9g per container)

Try a Turkey Burger  using an Arnold Sandwich Thin for the bun. Try the "MAGIC" sauce recipe below instead of just plain "ole" mustard or ketchup.

( The Side is Real Cauliflower salad)

Low or no carbohydrate products include mustards, vinegars and spices. By increasing the varieties of these items, we can turn a dish from Italian to French with just one minor substitution. Change the flavor of our salad dressings by just substituting one flavor vinegar for another. Apple cider vinegar is great for salads with some fruit in the mix. Balsamic is amazing with cheeses in the salad (curl up your toes and die for a salad made with Balsamic (I like Ariston) and Gorgonzola cheese or Brie.

Then there are vegetables that I have found new uses for, like cauliflower, spaghetti squash, plum tomatoes, SNAP peas, and zucchini.

The possibilities are limitless. These are just some of the things I found by searching them out in the marketplace. There are thousands of other items out there. I just happen to find these and use them enough to warrant mentioning to you. There are so many that all we have to do is find them and USE them. None are labeled Diabetic Compatible or “Diabetic Friendly”. They just happen to be Diabetic Compatible (I hate the other term.) Just like broccoli is just naturally good for a Diabetic’s diet. The trick is to find them. I list many of the basic products that I use in the “PANTRY” section on my website. The hunt is on. Get your glasses out and read that label. I found more than Ann Showed me. You can too, if you want to find more than I showed you

Below is a recipe for a sauce that I have used for decades. I use it to “spark” up meats as a side sauce, on sandwiches in the place of the old boring mayonnaise, and as an accent sauce for seafood. It takes no time to prepare and stays in a tightly closed container in the fridge for months. Give it a shot and start to expand your taste buds.

Enjoy, be healthy, be happy, BE DECADENT!

Remoulade sauce

(I love this stuff)

Note: This is the fastest, easiest, most useful sauce in my repertory. I use it to brighten up Fish, Steak, Pork, Vegetables, Sandwiches and all sorts of dishes.


½ - cup Mayonnaise with olive oil

1 – Dijon mustard

1 – tsp. coarse grained mustard



Mix together until smooth.

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