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Dance for Diabetes, If You Dare!


Dare to Dance!

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? Well, this November, instead of ice cubes, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) is heating things up while getting you moving and maybe providing a few laughs on your Facebook feed with their Diabetes Dance Dare! The organization is asking that you dance your arse off, and post a video with #DiabetesDanceDare, tag @amdiabetesassn to show your support. (Of course donations to the ADA are always happily accepted, too.)  

Dancing is a great way to work out so I really love this campaign. It's the ideal exercise for beginners—or anyone with tender joints—because it is low-intensity training (LIT) as opposed to high-intensity training (HIT) which is better for advanced fitness buffs.

Nikki reaches new heights in a recent dance class Blogger Nicole Glor challenges you to take the Diabetes Dance Dare. Put on some peppy music and get moving. It's fun and great exercise, too.

If you need a little dance-piration, find a Zumba video online, take a Bollywood class (I recently tried BollyX, a Bollywood-inspired dance fitness program in New York City that was a really fun LIT workout), or grab a friend and take a few private Tango lessons (or any type of dance you've always wanted to learn)! For a really great workout, use a fitness tracker and aim to hit 400-500 calories per session. I promise you will break a sweat!


Dance (and work out) like no one’s watching!


Energy Bits! While you’re shaking your hips, why not shake up your pre- and post-workout snack routine with a little super food? This snack isn’t chewed, it’s swallowed because there is just one ingredient—organic spirulina algae in the ENERGYbits, and organically-grown chlorella algae in the RECOVERYbits.

I’m a fitness instructor and nutrition coach, so before teaching a class I want something really good for me, but some snacks leave you with a stomach cramp or worse, running for the bathroom in the middle of your push-up set (hello green juices)! These tabs are absorbed in 5-10 minutes with just 30 calories per bag and 64% protein (think 3 times more than a steak) to provide natural energy and boost focus. They're also a great source of Vitamin B, are high in antioxidants, and increase your oxygen uptake.

Even though I don’t mind a little muscle soreness, I don’t want it to ruin my day, so after working out, I tried the RECOVERYbits to see if they really do remove lactic acid and reduce muscle pain. And, guess what? They did! (They also claim to speed recovery from injury or surgery, prevent colds and remove toxins!)

I consider spirulina and chlorella to be super foods but they aren't yet available in all supermarkets. The good news is it's easy to order packets online and store them in your gym bag. Although they are swallowed like supplements, they are a whole food. The algae is grown organically and dried into small tablets, each one about the size of a raisin, and cost an average of $2.80 per serving (similar to the price of a protein bar). If you prefer to see them for yourself, use the store locator tool on the company's website to find out where they are available near you.

The tagline is “Add more life to yours one bit at a time". Who doesn’t want a little “bit” more life!? 

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