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How to Stay Fit While Traveling: A Portable Workout

With the summer travel season upon us, one question I’m frequently asked by my fitness clients, readers of my book, and people who follow my exercise videos is, “How can I stick to a fitness routine while travelling?”

It’s always a challenge to maintain an active lifestyle when you’re traveling from one place to the next, but there are many fun, quick, and free ways to incorporate daily workouts into your itinerary. My 30-minute Slimnastics Fit Travel Workout requires no equipment and is the perfect exercise plan to bring along on your next trip. Start preparing for your new exercise habits with my “one move, one mantra, and one-must have” guide to summer travel, below.


The Down and Dirty Workout. If you’re looking for one go-to move, try out the ‘down and dirty!’ You can watch the one-minute demo that I shot on my vacation in Mexico here.


Start with 4 jumping lunges, followed by a burpee, lowering all the way to the ground. Next, perform two airplanes and then push up to plank. Finish by jumping back up to stand and performing two push-ups.

It’s a miracle combo I devised that works the whole body: chest, shoulders, triceps, biceps, abs, upper back, lower back, glutes, quads, and calves. Create an interval training-workout by incorporating 1 minute of the workout move with one minute of walking or jogging. You can repeat the move throughout the day.

If you want to modify the move, switch out the jumping lunges for two alternating lunges instead or skip the plank or burpee by stepping up slowly.


Work out as if your life depends on it – because it does!


Eat clean with Safe Catch Tuna. Tuna is a versatile, lean protein that can be added to salads, sandwiches, pasta, and more. If you want to stay trim, tuna is a catch. One problem with regular canned tuna is that it isn’t always sustainably sourced; it also has a high mercury count, which is why pregnant women are advised to avoid it and the average person is warned to only have around 2 servings per week.

Safe Catch Tuna is different because they pole and line catch the fish and test every single one for mercury:

Safe Catch Elite is the only band that tests as pure as wild-caught salmon, meets Consumer Reports ‘low mercury’ criteria set for pregnant women and kids, and has a mercury limit 10 times more strict than the FDA’s.

Conventional tuna is precooked, re-hydrated, machine processed, and recooked. As a result, it loses many vital oils and flavor. Safe catch hand cuts and hand packs premium tuna steaks that are slow cooked to perfection so that all Omega 3 oils and nutrients are retained. You can buy it online here or use their store locator to find a grocery store near you that carries it. You can get a box of 6 cans for less than $25 or a subscription that gives you a 20% discount. I believe your health is priceless and you’re better off spending money eating good, quality protein than spending it on medical bills later!

And if that wasn’t enough, they even sent me the best tuna salad recipe I have ever tried. No mayonnaise! It uses pesto, tuna, cannellini beans and avocados. It tastes great on bread and crackers, but if you really want to eat clean, eat it in a lettuce wrap or my favorite: on apple slices! Check it out here and try it for yourself.

If you pack moves like my Down and Dirty Workout, along with a few cans of my favorite healthy tuna, you'll keep reasonably fit wherever your travels bring you this summer!





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