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The Coma That Wasn't

In which my mother freaks out and I am annoyed.

Being a native of Colorado, I like to ski. It's actually sort of funny because the day after my second skiing lesson I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and spent the night in the hospital. But we can get to that later.

I love skiing because it feels good to exercise and then spend the rest of your day in some deserved (in my opinion at least) “veg mode”. So after a day of skiing, my body decided to start “veg mode” in the car, and not back at where we were staying.

It was later described to me that I was slumped forward with my head resting on my chest and the rest of my hair hanging forward.

So I was unintentionally sleeping, and the next thing I knew is that my sister Paige was poking me awake and the whole car was staring at me (Dad was looking at the rear view mirror). Needless to say, I was very confused as to the reason why I had been woken up from my nap when I could still get a good ten minutes of sleeping in before I had to help unload. And I also wondered why everyone was staring at me.  

Apparently my mother was under the impression that I had fallen into a “diabetic coma” (her words, not mine) and my family absolutely had to wake me up in order to insure that I hadn’t died or done anything else silly like that.

I can imagine how that conversation went.

“Claire’s asleep.”

“She doesn’t look normal. Oh my gosh! What if she’s in a diabetic coma!”


“Well now we have wake her up.”

I never did get back to sleep after that. And while I was annoyed at the time, it is rather funny, looking back on it.

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