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5 things I wanted to tell a lady in my baking class but opted not to

Yeah I’ve been MIA for a while but I’m back.  Did you miss me?  Don’t answer that!
In my defense I was working on a few projects including the Step Out Walk in Atlanta next month. AND…I’m going to be on The Dr. Oz show next month!!  I’ll keep you posted on the date so be sure to keep up with me on Twitter and Facebook.

So I got a cool gift
 for my birthday last month. Yes you missed it.  I got to take a baking class.  I’ve been baking for years but I wanted to try and learn something new.  It was fun.  But of course there’s always someone in the class that gives you the sideways dog head look when you tell them you’re diabetic.  Wha?! A diabetic in a baking class??  So when this lady gave me that look I just had to think of something to tell her.  If for no other reason but to entertain myself!  So here’s 5 things I wanted to tell her.
1) Don’t worry, you won’t 
catch my diabetes.
Yeah some people still believe that for whatever reason.  So I guess this lady didn’t want to share a spatula with me for fear her pancreas will have it’s own shutdown like the government. I actually have ex girlfriends who think I gave them diabetes.  Yeah well you gave me fear of commitment!! 
2) Yes diabetics bake!
What is it with some people thinking that once you become diabetic that eating anything even remotely having sugar in it is as bad as getting bitten by a black widow spider?  C’mon folks! Diabetics aren’t just regulated to diabetic co
okbooks. We can indulge a little as long as we don’t get crazy and make sure we check or numbers.  Besides I can bake stuff with reduced sugar or even some sugar substitutes that taste good and not make me feel like all hope is lost.
3) No I didn’t get diabetes from pound cake!
So she asks me if I ate a lot of sweets and if that gave me diabetes. *rolls eyes*  I can assure you that the sweets I ate as a kid didn’t give me diabetes.  Cavities are a different story. I’m a type 1 diabetic who developed diabetes when I was 25.  So it’s safe to say that pound cakes and pies didn’t do it.  I can’t wait for people to finally understand the difference between what can cause diabetes and what can’t. Oh well I guess I can dream.
4) I am NOT the diabetes police.
“If you’re diabetic, why would you make sugary treats for your family and friends?”  Look lady…sorry …it was like she was still in front of me.  I don’t beat my family and friends over their heads about what they should or shouldn’t eat.  That’s not helpful at all.  It’s just as bad as them telling me what and what not to do.  I don’t want to hear it.  My way of doing it is if they ask then I’ll make a suggestion.  As much as I want everyone to be healthy it doesn’t give me the right to be a pain in the buttocks.
5) Yes I’ve tried baking with applesauce instead of sugar substitutes.
And it sucks bigtime.



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