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A diabetic man's best friend

A couple of months ago we stopped at the local pound just to look at dogs.  I was still on the fence about adopting one because I knew it was a giant responsibility.  After walking around and dealing with that smell (whoa) I came across this guy
First meeting
I figured he was a lab mix or something and he seemed pretty fun.  He didn’t bark a lot in the cage and was quiet friendly.  We took him out and played with him and I have to say I was hooked.  But I knew I wasn’t the only one who wanted him.  I know how my luck is.

So I decided to try by signing up to adopt him.  Turns out there were 3 people ahead of me. (Told ya’) So basically I had to show up the next day and wait to see if the other 3 people showed up to adopt him.  I knew I would lose him because who wouldn’t want him? He’s pretty much the perfect dog.

Got there the next day on time since I figured I had nothing to lose.  The pound is less than a mile from home. Walked in, handed them my slip and was told to have a seat.  There were other people there but they all seemed to have other interests. About a quarter after the hour I was supposed to be there they called my name. I got him! The other 3 never showed.  Oh boy…now what?  I never had an indoor dog before.  As a kid our dogs were always outside, we fed them cheap stuff like Alpo (c’mon, that was high class dog food in the 70s) and they only saw the vet to get rabies shots.  So now I’m pretty much having a baby!!! Vet visits, daycare, pooping on the rug!!!!  What have I done?

I picked him up the next day and he was pretty out of it from his neutering and shots.  Got him home and he went right to sleep in his crate. His name is Milt.

Searching for a bumblebee













After a few days he was back to his playful self and we’ve been hanging out ever since.  Outside of the figuring out where to pee ( as in NOT IN TH’ HOUSE) it’s been a lot of fun.  Walking with him helped me lose about 3 lbs already and my BG has been coming down.  Next we’re gonna’ start running!  As soon as he can stop smelling telephone poles every few feet.  So far I’ve tripped over him 5 times, one time a total face plant in the grass.

Who's walking who?















After a long day at day care








He actually does sleep like this. All I need now is a red dog house.


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