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I shoulda' drove my SUV

OK, so a couple of weeks ago you may have heard about the snow "storm" we had here in the Atlanta area. We were pretty much the talk of the country, as well as the butt of jokes on The Daily Show and SNL. "2 inches of snow and blah blah blah"  Ha ha very funny. In our defense it's not the snow, it's the ice that's the problem. Never fear. Our great governor has created a severe weather taskforce for these types of situations. So all of you who laughed will be eating those words when we get 3 inches of snow and we all have to still go to work. Yeah right

So here's how my day went.  At 11am we got an email that the office was closing at 11:30.  My drive home was about 45 minutes, so I figured I had it made.  It had started snowing half an hour earlier. Light powdery stuff, but it started to accumulate.  That word is what causes a mad rush to the store for milk and eggs.  Not sure why those two. Apparently bread pudding is the go to food here when it snows. 11;30 comes and we break out like the place is burning down.  I get in my little car and leave.  In the back of my mind I'm thinking "I shoulda' drove my SUV." But no I opted to take the Celica. I get 50 yards down the parking lot and my front tires slide on a tiny patch of snow.  I said it out loud this time, "I shoulda' drove my SUV."  

I make it away from work and on to the interstate.  I notice that the roads are rather crowded.  I listen to the radio and I heard that all *hang on* *ahem* ALL the schools let out at THE SAME TIME!  So along with people leaving work at the same time, the school buses were on the road too. Classic.  In spite of the tons of vehicles, I made it through the interstate quite well and in a timely manner.  That's the last time I use that phrase in this post. for after I got off the interstate is where the party started.

I get off my exit.  Lots of snow is coming down. Its around 12:15pm.  And then folks, time stops and this is my view for the next 4-5 hours; Yee-ha.

Yeah it was awesome.  Just me and my new in dash stereo.  If I had to listen to the radio I woud have completely lost it. Fast fowarding....because there's nothing much to tell during that 5-6 hour wait.  I'll spare you the part about the bathroom break.

The hard part was dealing with having no food.  I had nothing to eat since that morning and I couldn't stop to eat.  Either I was stuck in trafiic or the fast food places closed and sent everyone home. Being on the pump didn't help either.  I checked my BG the whole way and found a leftover bag of candy corn (no idea) in the back seat. Fortunately that kept me from having a crazy low.  

It took me 5-6 hours to go 3/4 of a mile.  I made it to the main road about 7 miles from home.  Stuck again.  Finally got moving and what I feared would happen did happen.  I hit a slight incline and the Celica wasn't having it.  I was stuck and couldn't move.  Some friendly guys gave me a push and got me moving but I got stuck again. Stupid ice.  Oh and it was pitch dark by then around 7pm.

I managed to get moving but I was afraid I was going to have to ditch my car cause I was going nowhere.  I got moving again but I started thinking.  It's amazing how you don't think about these things when the weather is fine.  I remembered that there was an even bigger hill another mile ahead and I knew I wasn't going to make it.  But I was really scared to just ditch my car on the side of the road like so many other people did.  Then...there it was.  A parking lot!!  I slipped and slided my way in and parked my car legally and safe in a parking spot.  I actually drew praise from a police officer.  Whatever dude.  Just don't tow it! Then I had a Blues Brothers flashback—It's dark, its freezing, I'm diabetic and I gotta walk home. That was 5 miles away.

I wore my day hiking shoes but I was slipping.  Shoulda' worn my boots.  At least I wasn't lonely because there were a lot of people walking that night.  Oddly I was in pretty good spirits.  Mostly because it was just too funny to be mad.  I got a couple miles from my car.  I looked ahead and I saw that hill I knew I couldn't drive up.  There weren't many street lights on that part of the road but the white snow made it look real spooky.  

"How far are you going?"  A couple pulls over and offered me a ride.  I can't remember what I babbled.  Something about "I don't want to be a bother" and "about 5 miles"  They told me to hop in and I did. They're names were Mike and Beth.  There was another couple in the car with them.  I trully appreciated it but of course I wondered if this was going to turn into a QuetinTarantino movie. 

I told some jokes and found out the wife was originally from a city not far from my hometown. They dropped me off at the intersection where my house is and I walked for another 10 minutes and I was home.  I still have a hard time wrapping my head around why they helped me.  But as it turned out, people all over Atlanta stepped up and helped the next day.  Giving out food and water to stranded people. And all it took was snow.  

Turned out it was a good thing I didn't take my SUV.  It had a leak and I would have been really stranded.  I didn't run out of gas and I wasn't really prepared health wise, but I made it.  Next time I'm going to make myself a diabetes emergecy kit to keep in the car.  I'll have something better than candy corn to get me through.  I'm not sure if I'll ever see Mike and Beth again.  I gave Beth my name and website.  If you're reading this Beth I want to thank you for the lesson you taught me. And the dinner offer still stands.

And for the record...if it snows again I ain't going to work




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