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Not a November to remember

So I didn’t blog last month for a reason.
November was Diabetes Awareness Month.  So I decided to kinda stop for a minute or a month and watch.  I wanted to see if anything interesting would happen during the month.  Basically I wanted to see if anyone gave a crap about diabetes enough to even run an ad about it.  Suffice it to say I was quite disappointed .
I was flipping channels, listening to different radio stations, looked at several websites and a heard and saw a lot of nothing.  But I wasn’t surprised.  It was the same thing last year and the year before that.  So it’s more than obvious that nobody cares about diabetes.  That’s just my opinion.  I mean you’d think most fast food places would be fans of diabetes since their food has fueled it for so long.  You’d think Burger King would step up and encourage people to have a Whopper Jr. to celebrate.  
I mean why is it so hard to get more companies involved in helping us bring awareness about diabetes?  Apple has a red Ipod for AIDS awareness.  How about a blue one for World Diabetes Day?  I mean if they can make all those other hideous colors that would make Pantone blink twice they could come up with a shade of blue for us.  But I guess there’s just no sense of urgency.  Diabetes is linked to food and they think that all we have to do is stop eating bad food.  Although I can see if people stopped eating junk that would kick Hardee’s in the jewels.  
I just wish there was a way to encourage them to help.  Even the healthy food companies aren’t doing anything.  SO I guess we have to keep going at it from a grassroots level.  But more importantly we can’t just “preach to the choir”  We need to reach out to non diabetics and encourage them to join us in educating the world about diabetes.  I’m not sure that we can reach the level of breast cancer research but we can try.  Maybe one day we’ll have a Diabetes Awareness Month like no other where we can walk into Target and find a Ipod with  WDD on the back or a vacuum cleaner…well maybe not a vacuum cleaner. That would suck.  OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH!!!!  You see what I did there!?
Seriously though....it's gotta get better
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