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Ok 2014, what's it gonna be?

Here I am at home and I'm a little loopy.  Because I had dental work done today and I can't eat like I want to so this soup is not cutting it.  So while I sit here staring at my hand wanting to eat it I figured I would jot a few lines.

It's 2014 now. So now that I have insurance I started making the rounds.  Making doctors appointments. First of course was my endo.  Haven't seen this guy in a while due to changes in my insurance. (Networks. BAH!) It went ok but of course as luck would have it he's not in my new network so now that whole circus begins.  I did find out that he would help me get a new pump which is great.  I'm looking at the new one from MiniMed.  It's got a CGM built in it and it looks slick. Not sure why I'm getting so giddy over an insulin pump.  I need food.

Next appointment was the dentist. I don't want to talk about it.  Let's just say the word "partial" was brought up and IT...AINT...GONNA...HAPPEN!!  I'll flip burgers to get a bridge or implants. I'm not ready to so any soaking before bed. Yeesh.

I went to and ENT for the first time since I was a kid.  Odd fellow, didn't smile much. But why should he considering he's been looking up people's noses for years.  Oh and I have a slight deviated septum in my right nostril. So...yeah. I have something to tell people when I start breathing deeply for no apparent reason.  I mean it's not as exciting as twerking but it's something.

This year I'm doing a lot of things like exercising more, eating right, bringing that dreadful A1C down.  Also I'll be taking drum lessons and palying bass on Rocksmith. Because I'm an adult.  We'll also see if the Dr. Oz show ever broadcasts my segment.  Fingers crossed. They would'nt spend all that money on getting me up there to just to erase my segment would they? I mean  I'm funny, right?

So that's how I started off my 2014. Full of new challenges.  Not sure what my next appointment will be.  maybe a podiatrist.  I've never been to one before.

He probably won't smile too much either.

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