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We're All On the Same Team

The other day I read a post about a man who was locked up for not paying his child support. The man was a type 1 diabetic and was denied his insulin by the officers and later died.

no moreHis BG was around 2500.  Now you'd think that other diabetics would rally and make noise online about this.  Unfortunately it turned into fighting within the ranks.  Fighting about Type 1s and Type 2s, #blacklivesmatter and everything else except the fact that a man died because he was denied his insulin.

I was under the impression that we as diabetics, whether it's T1, T2, T3(?), we're all in this together. We're bonded by this dangerous disease and it appears that what happened Michael Robinson could happen to any of us. This injustice may have been racially motivated, I don't know. But it's just as important to realize that the man was denied the ability to presrve his life because obviously the police officer didn't find his insulin important.  It could happen to me, a type 1, a type 2, or even someone with asthma. 

This fighting amonst ourselves needs to stop. Period. Here's the real truth. Those who don't care about our needs as diabetics thrive on us fighting amonst ourselves. That way they have a perfect reason to talk crap about us and not take our fight seriously.  It's one thing if politics and money makers destroy what we're fighting for but it would be completly asinine for us to do it to ourselves.  It's this type of negativity that's destroyed many movements from civil rights to gay rights. Well it won't happen on my watch and it shouldn't happen on yours.  So stop and make a decision. Decide for yourself what's better for the common good. We're all diabetics and we have a responsability to hold each other up in this battle.  With that said I challenge the JDRF and the ADA to step up and confront the law officials and better educate them. I further challenge grassroots diabetes advocates to become more diligent in the fight and for lack of a better word be militant like in their approach to advocating proper treatment of inmates with serious health needs.  

Hashtags are slowly becoming cliche'.  All lives matter blah blah blah.  If that's so then maybe we can cut the crap and act like it for a change.

"Agitate! Agitate! Agitate!"

- Frederick Douglas

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