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YES! Tom Hanks has diabetes!! We're saved!!!

Hallelujah!!  We’ve been waiting so long for this and it’s finally happened!  We have an A-List celebrity with diabetes we can trust!!  
What a week! Tom Hanks has a new movie out and he opens up about having Type 2 diabetes!!!  Squeal!!!  Think about it folks…we can retire the images of Wilford Brimley.  No longer are we embarrassed about Brett Michaels on Rock of Love.  We don’t need no celebrity chefs or rappers or old comedians like Jack Benny. We got Forest friggin’ Gump baby! No more of that Halle Berry mumbo jumbo.  Tom won’t let us down! Paula who??  That’s right.  With Tom (I feel like I can call him by his first name. I know I’m Type 1 but still…) we finally can get some respect. I feel like I can tell people I’m diabetic and they will think “Tom Hanks!“ and automatically know serious this condition is.  So goodbye false information and stereotypes.  This is a new day, a day under Tom’s diabetes! *que The Battle Hymn of The Republic or The Greatest Love of All*
I’m sure he’ll become an advocate.  I mean, why would he not?  He knows it’s his responsibility to become one now.  With Tom’s help we’ll finally get Coke to put a red ribbon on those bottles in November.  People will be flooding to participate in the diabetes walks AND the money will flow like a river, right?!  Oh you know there will be a cure now!! Maybe I should quit blogging about diabetes.  I mean maybe we all should stop advocating.  Tom can handle it without us.  Right?  I mean obviously people aren’t listening to us when we educate them about diabetes.  But when Tom speaks on it they’ll get it right and begin to take better care of themselves.  The ADA is so lucky.
Look…I hate that Tom is T2.  But after the glitter wears off and the dust settles he’s going to have to take care of himself just like us.  The reality is his celebrity shouldn’t get people to pay closer attention to their health but in reality his celebrity will grab people’s attention right away and that’s sad.  Celebrity spokespeople, as far as diseases are concerned, mean nothing to me.  Be it diabetes, MS or cancer.  As advocates and caregivers we still have a responsibility to educate and inform whether Tom, Halle or whoever shares our condition.  The battle is still on folks.  Hopefully Tom will help. But if he doesn’t diabetes is still here and it’s not gonna quit.
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