Diabetes Blogs

My Philosophy.

Hello to anyone who may be reading. I do not have diabetes, but I help others gain better control of their diabetes through diet and exercise in my everyday life. I  love to experiment in the kictchen and am here to share fresh, diabetic-friendly recipes and menus to incorporate into your kitchen and life. 

The "Diabetic" Diet 

It is impossible to generalize a "diabetic diet" for everyone. Sugar is not forbidden, but should be fit into your individual meal plan. The truth is, a "diabetic diet" is a healthy diet. We should all be eating fewer refined sugars (soda/juices/sweets), more whole grains, lean meats, and fruits and vegetables. Above all, portion control is key. 

Different individuals have different nutritional needs. The amount of calories and carbohydrates in the diet should be based on your medical history, medications, age, height/weight  and physical activity level. Instead, of posting meal plans I will post the nutrition facts and carbohydrate exchanges. That way if you follow a meal plan (carbohydrate or exhange counting) you can stay on track.

You can count on me posting simple recipes that are full of flavor and nutrition and healthy for all. Until next time, have a happy and healthy week!

What is one improvement you would like to make to your diet this week?

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