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Back to the (Diabetes) Future

OK, let's say it's twenty years from now, and you're looking back on your life, your health, the choices you've made, and how things have turned out for you in 2034. What do you think you'll feel and think about how you've lived your life, especially when it comes to your health and well-being? 

In 2034, will you look back and be grateful that you went to the doctor regularly, managed your health with great attention and care, exercised on a regular basis, and kept your weight down to a healthy level? 

When twenty years have passed, will you remember and acknowledge the ways that you created fun and pleasure in your life, doing things that would lower your stress and enhance your enjoyment of life on a day-to-day basis? 

When you're twenty years older than you are today, will you be glad that you nurtured your friendships, loved your family with all your heart, and created enduring, lasting relationships that were symbiotic, loving and mutually supportive? 

In 2034, life will certainly be different, and will you examine the preceding twenty years and see the ways that you really tried to live an authentic, dynamic life imbued with health, well-being, solid relationships and a deep love of life? 

We can let the days fly by without much thought (and I know we all do this from time to time in the hectic world of the 21st century), but when we take the long view---or some might say the 10,000-foot view---what do we expect or want to see? 

For myself, I want to see that I am living the life of my dreams (to whatever extent I can make that happen), nurturing my relationships, caring for my body, and otherwise manifesting the best life I possibly can with the resources at my disposal. 

Sure, it might be fun to look back in twenty years and count the dozens of countries I've visited, the millions of dollars that I've made, and the fame and fortune that have come my way. Chances are, though, that won't really happen. Instead, I'll reminisce about a life that was full, authentic, successful in the important ways, and one that I created for myself. Fame and fortune are fine, but in the final analysis, I'll take health, good friends, loving family, and relative stability of mind and finances. 

What kind of past would you like to look back on in the future? What do you want to have created so that you can remember it all with a satisfied heart, mind and spirit? What would make this life the best, healthiest and most satisfying life possible for you? 

The future is yours. Create it. 

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