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Being Yourself

Amidst the challenges of 21st-century life, we can often feel pigeonholed into being or living in particular ways, and this can frequently result from societal and family pressures that impact us. Our culture dictates how to eat, what exercise to take part in, who to love and how to love them, and how to care for ourselves. This can be confusing and depersonalizing. 

When we live our own lives on our own terms, we choose how we live, what we eat, who we love, and what we do.

Of course, as an individual with diabetes, there are nutritional and other recommendations that are important to follow, and this is both intelligent and prudent. Research and medical advances in the care of diabetes show us what to do in face of such a chronic illness, and following those are, of course, in your best interest. 

However, apart from medical recommendations regarding the management and control of your diabetes, the rest of your life is up for grabs---and truly up to you. 

When it comes to your relationships, the ways in which you spend your time, how and when you play, who you love and how you live your daily life, the power of being yourself is a crucial aspect of living an authentic and robust life. 

Being yourself makes a statement that you are willing to stand up for your beliefs, live life on your own terms, and reject the dictates and requirements of others. 

To create an authentic life, one must take responsibility for one's choices, decide on one's own course of action, and find a life path that works for you. 

No matter what condition you live with---be it diabetes, depression, hypertension or cancer---there are many choices to make and many aspects of your life for which you can take full and complete responsibility. 

Live life on your own terms, be the individual you want to be, and embrace your own path that leads you in the direction that you choose. We can sometimes feel defined by our illnesses and conditions, but we can also define ourselves by who we are and how we choose to live---and that is a powerful statement indeed. 

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