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Feeling Your Best

None of us ever feel our best 100% of the time, so what does it take for you to feel your best? What do you have to do in order to feel good? What factors impact you the most vis-a-vis feeling well? 

For me personally, there are many factors that contribute to my well-being, and I'm sure some of these will resonate with you, as well. But we're all different and unique, and I would love to hear about the things that make you feel good that may not be listed here. 

Nutrition and Diet

When I'm eating well, hydrating sufficiently, taking my supplements and otherwise caring for my nutritional needs, I know that this greatly impacts my emotional, psychological and physical well-being.

For the last month, I have been completely avoiding alcohol, added sugars of all kinds, processeD grains and dairy, and I must say that I feel great. While I may miss my daily dose of organic dark chocolate, it's been a great discipline to give it up for 30 days and feel that I have control over my habits (but I must say that chocolate is one habit I'm not likely to give up for the long haul!). 

Diet is essential on every level. How does your diet effect you? 


Exercise definitely helps me to feel my best, even if it's just a daily walk when I'm too tired to do anything more strenuous. Even people with chronic pain need exercise, and we can all find something we can do to engage our muscles. The oxygenation and secretion of endorphins that happens during exercise can't be matched, and I personally need exercise to get through my week. 


Fun and leisure are often overlooked, but if I'm not having much fun (either at work or at home), I get grumpy. No work and no play does make us dull, as the saying goes, and I feel my best when I'm engaging in fun events, enjoyable socialization, or simply doing fun things on my own. Don't overlook fun as a key to happiness! 

Sleep and Rest

When I'm sleep-deprived, I definitely take a nose-dive when it comes to my quality of life and how I feel, so getting enough sleep and rest is crucial for me. Naps are not just for kindergarten, and I use naps judiciously to catch up on sleep, ease tension, and otherwise allow my body and mind moments of rest and repose. 

Satisfying Work

When my work isn't satisfying or enjoyable, I know my quality of life takes a hit. If my work is weighing me down, I'm not as happy. Most of us need to work, so making sure that your work life is something you enjoy is important. 

What Else? 

What else makes you feel your best? For me, I know I frequently need time in the company of children and animals, and I also need to read for pleasure and otherwise find ways to engage my mind in meaningful yet relaxing ways. A nice cup of tea or coffee can make me feel good, a day in bed can set my mind straight, and a day at the beach can cause an entire system reboot for the better! 

What helps you to feel your best? I'd love to know, and I'd be thrilled if you cared to share!

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