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Manifesting Energy! 6 Tips to Get You Started

Our modern lives can be exhausting, and we can spend a great deal of our time expending energy rather than manifesting it. Like a car, you can't really run on empty, so how do you give yourself energy when you most need it? Remember ...

1. Food is fuel.

Of course, food is one main way that we put energy into our bodies, and the quality and quantity of that fuel is important. As a person with diabetes, you know that you need to feed your body conscientiously, so my hope is that you work hard on making sure that your diet is constantly being tweaked to deliver the biggest bang for your buck, giving you the caloric and nutritional energy that you need to live life to its fullest. 

fruits and veggies2. Water is life.

I live in the desert Southwest of the United States, so it's a full time job for most people to stay hydrated. At most gatherings, you'll find that people here have a water bottle on hand for just that purpose. 

No matter where you live, water is so important for keeping your energy up and your cells happy. One brain researcher I heard on a TED Talk said that the best thing you can do for your brain when you wake up in the morning is to have a big glass of water. This hydrates your neurons and allows them to wake up and get to work for you! 

So, drink your water, especially since so many other common beverages (coffee, soda, alcohol, etc) are actually dehydrating. 

3. Moving is one of the best mood boosters. 

You've heard it before--exercise is the best way to get your energy moving. Exercise causes increased oxygenation of your muscles and cells, improves circulation and heart function, and it just makes you feel good as those endorphins and "happy chemicals" enter your bloodstream. 

I had a friend who always said, "If you're tired, you can take a nap or you can go for a run, hike or bike ride. The effects are about the same in terms of how you'll feel, but the exercise will be better for you in the end." I think he was right, and while I like the occasional afternoon nap, sometimes I'll push myself to walk or go for a bike ride or swim when I'm tired, and I inevitably feel a whole lot better than I would have if I had napped for an hour. (That said, proper sleep hygiene is important too!)

4. Relationships need nurturing.

Nurturing your relationships can actually do a lot for your energy level. When a relationship isn't going well (like your marriage or a close friendship), isn't it draining? Doesn't a relationship in conflict feel like a drag on your energy? Don't you feel better when relationships are healthy, authentic and satisfying?

Negative and draining relationships can be a huge drag on your personal stores of energy. Are you being abused, battered, manipulated, taken advantage of, or just plain treated poorly? Perhaps there are some relationships that need to go. 

Working on the quality of your relationships can really help you to feel better, and when you're emotioanlly buoyed by those connections, you'll find that you have much more energy to work with! 

5. Connecting spiritually or emotionally with something or someone can be life changing.

Feeling spiritually or emotionally disconnected is also a very draining type of energy in your life, and there's nothing like spiritual disconnection or emotional exhaustion to bring you down and sap your strength. 

A robust spiritual and emotional life can really be a boon to your well-being, and when you feel connected and healthy on these levels, this is when you can feel the most energized. 

Ask any spiritual leader or mentor how the energy in people's lives can be impacted when they're feeling spiritually bereft. If you feel abandoned by God (if you believe in God) or your Higher Power, do you have energy to live and succeed? If you feel lost, alone and isolated, are you motivated to do anything, change your life or otherwise live life to its fullest? 

Whether it's psychotherapy, pastoral counseling, church, confession, meditation, yoga, coaching or any other form of personal, emotional or spiritual growth and nurturing, these are important ways for you to take care of yourself and make sure you have the wherewithal to withstand life's pressures. 

6. Anyone can harness positive energy. 

Manifesting energy comes in many forms: physical, mental, emotional, etc.. It's all about bringing energy into your life, whether it be in the form of nutritious food, spiritual well-being, nurturing and healthy relationships, or caring for your body. 

Think about how you bring energy into your life, and also think about how you might give it away. Those negative relationships can be let go of, better food can be purchased, an exercise plan can be developed, and spiritual and emotional support can be sought. 

Bring more positive energy into your life however you can, and the dividends and benefits of taking this type of inspired action will astound you!

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