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Moderation, Wild Abandon, or Both?

I once had a friend who used to say, "everything in moderation---except wild abandon!" I liked this take on the old saying of "everything in moderation", especially when the wild abandon translates into more happiness, satisfaction and quality of life. 

Having said that, wild abandon is a very good thing if you know where and when it's appropriate. Of course, if your wild abandon involves alcohol, drugs or other practices that may easily compromise your health, well-being or safety, then perhaps it's time to tighten things up a little bit. 

However, if your wild abandon means running barefoot through the grass, buying you and your lover an hour at a local spa once a month, or calling in sick to work in order to go canoeing, then more power to you! 

When Is Moderation Best? 

As a diabetic, your life may feel ruled by moderation. You watch your carb intake carefully. You exercise moderately in order to keep in shape while also making sure your blood sugar doesn't bottom out while you're swimming or running. 

Perhaps you feel ruled by moderation in many areas. You're moderate about exercise, diet, carbs, sugar, alcohol....the list goes on. 

You know where moderation is necessary and good for your health and well-being. You also know that certain moderate practices will increase your longevity and keep you in optimal health. 

But doesn't moderation get boring sometimes? 

When Is Wild Abandon Kosher? 

Like I said at the beginning of this post, my old friend liked the saying, "everything in moderation, except wild abandon"! This was her credo, and I think she practiced it pretty robustly. 

While reading this, you may already be thinking about what areas of your life are just screaming for wild abandon. You know you don't really want to throw caution to the winds in terms of sugar, carbs, alcohol or drugs, but where could you loosen up and let your flag fly a little more wildly? 

Having good, clean fun is a great place to start. When's the last time you played a game with a group of friends and just allowed yourself to roar with laughter? That's an example of wild abandon. When did you last arrive to the beach, strip off your clothes and leap into the water at a full sprint? That might work for you. Or when did you and your spouse, partner or best friend go the movies and watch two or three in a row just because you wanted to and had the time (or maybe called in sick to work in order to have the time)?

Your Brand of Abandon

"Wild abandon" may sound like sex, drugs and rock and roll (and maybe that could work for you without the drugs!), but abandon means many things to many people. For some, a night of Scrabble and laughter with friends is wild abandon. For another, it's sneaking into the neighbor's pool for a 2am skinny dip, dancing at a local bar to live music, or crashing a wedding on a sunny Saturday afternoon (I've done that!). For another, it's truly abandoning themselves to a night of great sex with their partner. 

Your brand of abandon is yours alone, and I encourage you to find the places in your life where you can stretch into a healthy abandon that feeds your spirit and enriches your day to day experience without compromising your health or safety. 

What's your brand of abandon? When are you wild in a healthy way? Where can you loosen up without compromising your health? 

Share your moments of abandon here with us if you like. We can all learn from each other, and have fun in the process! 

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