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Spring is Coming!

Last week, I wrote about moderation and wild abandon. For some of us, spring evokes feelings of wild abandon as we shrug off the doldrums of the winter. What are your spring plans? 

Spring is a great time for revving up your engines on various levels, trying new things, and otherwise springing to life (pun intended!).


There are people who like to do a "spring cleanse", which can involve forms of fasting, dieting or "cleaning up" one's diet. We tend to eat heavier foods during the winter, so as the weather gets warmer and we spend more time outdoors, a lighter diet may make sense to you. From salads to smoothies and a lower intake of carbs, springtime evokes for many individuals a desire to "lighten up" (and maybe shed a few winter pounds in the process). 

As a diabetic, you of course know that any sudden change in your intake could spell changes in your blood sugar levels, so exercise caution and talk about such dietary and nutritional changes with your doctor, registered dietician or nutritionist. 


Weekend warriors seem to come out of the woodwork in the spring, the warmer weather urging us outside for walking, biking, hiking and other activities. If you haven't been exercising much, be cautious as you get started again, and monitor your sugars so that you have the energy levels you need in order to keep up with your renewed physical activities. 

Again, a chat with your doctor may be in order if you're taking on a new high-intensity form of exercise like running, swimming, rock-climbing or biking. Watch those sugars carefully as you ramp up the activity! 

Your Mind

Spring can also be a time for mental cleansing. After being stuck inside during a long, cold winter, spending contemplative time in nature can seem like a great practice to begin. Do you have a favorite tree to sit underneath and daydream? Is there a stream, river, lake or pond where it's peaceful and quiet? Do you live near the beach and like to sit by the water, even before it's warm enough to swim? These natural settings can call our names loudly as spring blooms around us, and I advise heeding their call. 

Alone or With Others

Spring is a great time for hikes, walks, picnics and other activities with friends and family, and it's a nice time of year to reconnect with those you haven't seen all winter. 

Having said that, time alone is also lovely, and finding a balance between alone time and time with others is an important aspect of self-care. 

Spring Into Balance

It's really all about balance, so this spring, see how you feel and what you want, and the honor your needs and desires.

Let's make this spring a healthy one, focusing on balance, both inside and outside.


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