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Summer is Coming!

The official first day of summer is coming this weekend, and this can mean many things for many people. For most, it's a very happy and expansive time of year, something we have been looking forward to it all year. There are numerous songs, poems and books written about summer, and in some ways it's part of the mythology of our culture and our times. 

Hot Weather and Sun

In many parts of the country, summer means hot weather and sunshine, and this can be very welcome indeed. In the hot weather, we may go to the beach, have a picnic, or swim at the pool, but we also may be working in the heat and sun, as well. Not everyone is blessed with time off in summer, but those who are relish those times deeply. 

Staying hydrated and protected from the sun is important for many reasons, so whether you're working or playing, pay attention to the changes in your body's needs at this time of year. 

The sun can also have very positive effects on our mental and emotional well-being, and this can translate into uplifted spirits and a more positive outlook. This can be a great time of year for some people, and the after-effects may linger into the winter. 

The Foods of Summer

The foods of summer can be a very important aspect of our own summer plans: watermelon, fresh fruits and vegetables, and cookouts and picnics are often part and parcel of summer. Be wise and self-aware about your nutritional intake as you enjoy the fruits of the season. 

Family and Vacation

Summer may also mean increased time with family or vacations. These times are important for our emotional and spiritual health, and the time to unwind can do a great deal for our stress levels. 

Even while on vacation, we still need to tend to our health, so even though we might want to take a vacation from our diabetes or other chronic conditions, self-awareness is still a key component of our way of being. 


Summertime is also a time of year when we may increase our level of exercise. This can do wonders for our emotional and physical health. And with diabetes, increased exercise generally necessitates a little extra attention to your hydration and nutritional needs. So again, self-awareness helps us to make the most of what this time of year has to offer for our health and well-being. 

Embrace It

Whatever summer brings for you, embrace it. Whether it be time with family, more exercise, or a thriving garden, get all you can out of summer, and take extra special care of yourself along the way. 




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