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Book Review: Journey of a Diabetic

I recently picked up a book from the library by Lawrence Pray titled Journey of a Diabetic.  This isn't the typical read I usually look for, since I eat sleep and breathe diabetes every day, but the "diabetes" section happens to be right next to the "psychology/psychiatry" section on the shelves.  It seemed to be the only non-medical, non-type 2 book, so I figured I would give it a shot.

I was pleasantly surprised and also intrigued by the memoir.  Since it was published in 1990 and the author was therefore diagnosed much earlier (he was 7 years old), many of the statistics, treatment methods, and terminology were vastly different than now.  Because of this, I would recommend the book for older type 1 diabetics, or people who will read it with patience and understanding that it was written in a different time.  It is easy to see why one might get frustrated with the statistics regarding how basically unavoidable diabetes complications are.  However, this also gives the reader perspective as to how far we have come in terms of treatment and preventative care.

After finishing this book I was feeling very grateful for science, technology, and research; which are things that as young people we tend to take for granted. If you're feeling curious about the way things used to be, this is definitely a read for you. I would also recommend it if you or someone you know is feeling like diabetes is too much of a hassle for them--up until as late as the 1920s, diabetes was a literal death sentence.

With this being said, I would not recommend this book if you are easily upset or have excessive anxiety related to your or your child's diabetes. Sometimes our minds pick up and run away with the awful things that could have been, and this will not help anyone.

To conclude, I will say this: the memoir was an interesting read, and one that I could relate to as a type one diabetic. It especially speaks to those who struggle with acceptance, and having diabetes as a lifelong journey.

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