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Pros and Cons of Pump Hot Spots

     Opinions of being on the pump versus shots or a pen are often swayed by the dilemma of where the chunky little lifesaver will actually go once it's on you.  This is usually more of an issue for girls, but boys can get just as tangled up in their tubes as us.  There are plenty of places you can put your pump, ranging from sneaky to in-plain-sight.  So if you're a girl and fretting about what going on the pump will do to your wardrobe, have no fear.  You have options.

  • The Armpit: This isn't a spot that I typically use, but I have seen it before.  And no, I don't mean you should shove your pump directly up into your armpit.  But the side strap of your bra underneath the arm can be a discreet place to tuck your pump.  Pros of this spot: it can be a good hiding spot with certain outfits, and is out of the way. The cons: it can be a tad uncomfortable, in my opinion at least, when your arm is resting at your side.  Also, with tight-fitted shirts the pump is still visible.
  • The Bra:  The bra is a place that has numerous possibilities.  You can go vertical, sticking your pump long-ways right in the middle of the bra. Or, you can go sideways and stick each edge in the inner sides of each cup.  Either way is equally as sneaky: the placement really depends on your bra size and top/dress fit.  However, if you're wearing a low cut top or dress this placement obviously isn't the best choice.
  • The Hip Bone: My most commonly used "going out" spot, the hip bone comes in surprisingly handy.  When wearing a tight dress, clipping your pump on your undies on the front of your hip right where the bone most protrudes, and then bunching the dress over it makes it harder to detect than placing it on the side of your hip: when your pump is on your side, you can usually see it easily from a frontal view.  Of course, the hip placement is a little uncomfortable when you sit down, but a little adjusting and then readjusting when you get back up takes care of this.
  • The Casual Pocket: Guys, this spot is for you too.  If you're headed out to class in sweats or jeans and really don't care about concealing your pump, slipping it into your front or back pocket is an easy solution.  Everyone will most likely think it's a phone, and it's easy to get to if you need it (which you often do, obviously).  Just be careful that if you slip it in your back pocket you don't sit on it or accidently let it slip into the toilet when you yank your pants down to pee.  Not that that's ever happened to me...
  • The Back: This spot is most useful if you're wearing a tight, hip-hugging dress.  It's out of the way and doesnt interfere with your oufit for the most part. Also, you pretty much feel like you're on a reality TV show with a secret mic clipped on your back.  The obvious downfall is that you can see the pump protruding from your back. But this can be remedied if you have long hair or a sweater.  Also, you'll need to find a buddy to help bolus you, because your back isn't exactly the most accessible spot.
  • The Garter: When I was a kid and first went on the pump, I had a "thigh belt" that wrapped around my leg and had a pouch for my pump. While this didn't seem useful to me as a kid, I often wish that I had it now when I wear dresses.  If they don't sell adult-sized ones anymore, it could probably be a fun DIY project if you're good with a needle and thread.

So there you go--now you can no longer use the pump being visually displeasing as an excuse to not try it out!!

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