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5 Terrific Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Loved Ones with Diabetes

A Love Letter (and Wish List!) for My Son

Dear Ian,

Now that you are grown and gainfully employed (thankfully!), I thought we could talk about Mother’s Day.

While I have enjoyed many years of hand-drawn cards and greetings, some of which are still hanging on the fridge, I realize now you might be in need of some grown-up suggestions. So here is my first ever Mother’s Day Wish List.

Straight from the Dead Sea

Ahava Dead Sea LotionI discovered this amazing potion when I visited my son in Israel. It's not sticky or gooey like the actual Dead Sea and makes my diabetes-dry skin feel every-so soft

You may recall that my favorite discovery I brought back to the States after visiting you in Israel was Ahava’s Dead Sea Water Mineral Body Lotion, the best part about visiting the Dead Sea! I love it because it’s not sticky and gooey, its smell is mild and pleasant, and it replenishes the moisture in my skin that diabetes routinely depletes. (The fact that I’m no longer a spring chicken has NOTHING to do with it, by the way!) Thrilled to find it online on the company's website. 

A Week of Easy, Healthy Meals

blue apronBlue Apron takes the thinking—and shopping—out of eating healthy!

The next item on my Wish List would be a real treat. A while back, I ordered a week’s worth of Blue Apron home delivery meal service recipes and was quite pleasantly surprised. All I wanted to do was to get out of that cooking-every-night routine, often discovering that I was out of some important ingredient. Blue Apron sends every single ingredient for all of their recipes, along with explicit instructions and even pictures!  Loved the food, loved the ease of preparation, loved that Dad gave every dish a thumbs-up. I just wish I could get my entrees to resemble their pictures!  Their meals are even fairly easy to adjust to diabetic-friendly. Check out the offerings on the website.  But look, if you’re really serious about my preparing meals under stricter diabetic rules, check out Chef'd.They’ve even been approved by the American Diabetes Association, and you know what sticklers they are!

Oil-Free Cooking

gotham steel panIt's easy to eat healthy with these non-stick pans. No need to add oil!

And speaking of cooking, I would really love to add to my new copper cookware, you know, the ones they’re always showing on TV in the middle of the night! They’re great because you don’t have to add oil to the pan, they’re completely non-stick, plus you can use them on the stove and then stick them right in the oven for finishing.  Get the good ones, though…the knock-offs are just not worth it! Look at Gotham Steel and see what you can find.  Here’s a hint: Groupon, frequently has deals on this stuff, so try them first!

Wear Everywhere Footwear

SkechersI just couldn't live without my Skechers. They make my diabetes feeties happy and come in so many colors they go with everything!

If you want to treat my tootsies, take a look at Skechers’ website. They’re always coming out with new styles and now they’re the only shoes my diabetic feeties can handle! I love them! I have Skechers to go with all my outfits, my gym Skechers, my dress-up Skechers…you just can’t have too many Skechers!  And most of them can just be thrown into the washer and come out like new. Come to think of it, get yourself a pair too! (Hint: You can find many of their styles discounted at shoes.com. Check out the site for specials!)

Gift Cards: Never Boring

gift cardsI love to shop so gift cards never get old!

And finally, if you get stuck, you can always send me a gift card…to ANYWHERE!  It doesn’t have to be Neiman Marcus or Saks (though it wouldn’t hurt), I can have fun at Best Buy, Target or even Costco

So there’s my official Mother’s Day Wish List. I hope it will also provide an idea or two for my pals at DiabeticLifestyle.com.  My number one wish for you, by the way, is just to keep being the great kid you are. That’s the best gift I could get. Dad and I couldn’t be more proud of you. 

Love, Ma


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