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To Be (Worth It) or Not To Be (Worth It)—THAT Is The Question

to be or not to beYou can’t go through life depriving yourself of everything that you love but is on the forbidden list. But you can’t just give up if you succumb once in a great while either. (Photo by Ankush Minda on Unsplash)

I have a thing about making piles in my office.  I have photos dating back so far, I’m surprised they’re not tintype. (Ask your parents—or grandparents—what that means, or Google it!) Every now and again, I get on an organizational kick and actually throw stuff out.  Occasionally, I come across things about which I have no recollection but which, even though I grew up in the '60s, should ring some sort of bell. (I was such a square back then, as I am now!)

Today, I made another pile, this time of spiral notebooks that hide in every nook and cranny. I like to quickly page through the notebooks to see if any important information emerges or if I can even identify the references. I was shocked to find one that had five years of dates in perfect order, each with a number following the date. Since many of the entries were 128, 117, 131, I knew that I wasn’t looking at my Weight Watcher’s journal—trust me!  It took me a moment to realize that each number was my blood sugar reading for that day!  And, if the reading was above normal, I had even made a note as to why! One said pasta, another said no exercise, but my favorite said my fault.

The notations that rang so true, however, were those that said worth it or not worth it. I still use those criteria today as I fight the daily fight to maintain the weight loss I have attained. (Oh, did I mention I lost a hundred pounds? Must have slipped my mind.)

Setting Your 'Worth It' Meter

You can’t go through life depriving yourself of everything that tastes good but has been put on the forbidden list.  But you can’t just throw your hands up and give up if you succumb once in a great while.  So many weight loss programs—and the people who run them—like to remind us that nobody’s perfect.  Personally, I’ve got a problem with that.  Every time I hear that or read those words, it strikes me as giving permission to fall off the wagon, eat what you want, throw in the towel.

No, no, no, no, NO!  That doesn’t work for people struggling with their weight, especially if they have diabetes, like I do!

On a daily basis, usually at least a few times each day, I ask myself the question, is it worth it? I try to be honest with myself and not just give a knee-jerk reaction. Sure it’s worth it. I want it! If you take a beat and really look at the temptation, more often than not, you will reach the conclusion that your hard work to reach or maintain a healthy weight, your efforts to keep your blood glucose levels and, therefore, your A1C within the normal range require your worth-it meter to say NO.

However, when you’re face-to-face with your favorite treat, remember the words you’ve read in this space before…if, as they say, the best bite of a treat is the first bite, and the next best bite is the last bite, then two bites oughta do it! And two bites won’t kill you! I try to live by those words, and when I don’t, I’m the one who suffers, and my friends, that is NOT worth it!

Sometimes we just need little reminders like these to keep us on track or get us back in the saddle. Little things that work when we’re standing in front of the refrigerator thinking what can I eat, rather than what should I eat? Or when we’re out with friends who are unwittingly or (hopefully) unintentionally trying to sabotage the efforts you are trying so hard to sustain.

So try it out. Will the effort be worth it?  Well, you tell me!

See you next time!


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