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Being Resolute in 2016

I just read that 67% of us will make New Year’s resolutions this year. And you know what the #1 resolution is among Americans? (Wait for it…) Losing weight! (What a surprise!) Now, as someone who deals with this subject on a daily basis, and has for years, I’ve often said that my own weight loss journey has nothing to do with fitting into skinny jeans. It’s all about good health. 

New Year's ResolutionsWell, I lied.

Mostly, the need to lose weight is about regaining and maintaining good health, especially for those who have been on this planet as long as I have. It’s about getting those diabetic numbers under control and keeping them that way. It’s about having blood pressure readings that don’t give your doctor a stroke. It’s about good knees, and good hips, and good energy.

But you know what else it’s about? It’s about buying clothes for the first time this century that are not plus-sized. It’s about having “nothing to wear” because everything in the closet is hanging on me. It’s about walking into a holiday party where TWO of my friends’ husbands who hadn’t seen me in quite a while went out of their way to say WOW. Better than anything Santa might have brought.

The unexpected impact of those early evening WOWS was profound. It enabled me to watch what I ate with way more ease than I thought possible. I was dreading those wonderful holiday smells that I’ve resolved to avoid. So, I ate exactly one-third of one potato pancake. I ate zero dessert, not even these little baby bundt-cakes with delicious frosting. Thought it would kill me. But it didn’t! I awoke the next morning feeling skinny (trust me, I’m not) and smug (well, a little).

In addition, the impending New Year was made that much sweeter when my doc said to me last week, “You’re 92 pounds down. Congratulations.” I told him when it gets to 100, SELL! (Come to think of it, he was a little on the smug side, too, which I guess is called for since he’s played such a huge role in my success.)

So, my own New Year’s resolution is to keep it up! (I’ll be the one cheering for anyone who wants to join me!) First things first:

  • Set reasonable goals, the first of which should be keeping blood sugar in check.
  • Replace those snacks that are giving your physician fits.  If you have a Trader Joe’s nearby, check out their plethora of brown rice snacks and entrees. You still have to exercise control, but it helps to ward off feelings of complete deprivation!
  • Look at “light” Greek yogurt to stave off midday starvation.  Yoplait Light Greek Yogurt has some great flavors (especially vanilla chai!), high protein, low sugars.
  • As much as I hate to admit it, we have to move every day!  Even if it’s just a little bit to start, three days a week at first, then four, then five…I can’t say I love it, but I do it, and I was able to build it up a little at a time.  Don’t burn out!

Stay well, Happy and Healthy New Year!  See you next time!


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