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Facing the New Year with Resolve...and, Of Course, Resolutions!

Resolutions for 2018Before you take a indulge in something that could send your blood sugar soaring, ask yourself, "Is this really worth it?" Photo by Jerry Kiesewetter on Unsplash

Well, ‘tis the season to sit down and try to come up with new and refreshing New Year’s resolutions…for myself and my millions of readers. OK, dozens. All right…I hope all three of you like these!

This year, I think all the usual resolutions can be summed up in one blanket statement: In 2018, I resolve to elevate myself on my own personal list of priorities.This is something I recommend for everyone I care about. So, what, exactly, does that mean?

For me, it means making sure my health is something I attend to every single day. Being no spring chicken, I am in the “move it or lose it” stage of life. So try as I might to come up with excuses to skip the gym and sit around watching soap operas and eating bonbons, I am going to continue my struggle to work out daily.  As much as I hate to admit it, I feel better on the days that I go than the days that I don’t. 

This is the resolution that covers other health-related goals. It’s going to help me maintain my hundred-pound weight loss. MUCH harder to do than losing the weight in the first place!  I have to engage in mindful eating every day, three times a day, which is why I like working off my breakfast even before I eat it!

Exercise is going to help me keep my A1C in the normal range so that I can stay off medication. It’s going to help keep those other numbers in check that doctors are always complaining about—like cholesterol and blood pressure. (And now I know why they say getting older is not for sissies!)

Another health-related resolution for me is to ask myself one simple question every time I’m tempted to fall off the wagon…is this really worth it?  Is that piece of fudge really worth sending my blood sugar to the moon? How am I going to feel tomorrow about that pizza that I’m eating tonight?  Will those drinks that I enjoy with my friends cloud my judgment about the food that follows?

Does this mean resolving to live a life of deprivation? Heck no! Just remember the words that you’ve read in this column before—if the best bite of a treat is the first bite, and the next best bite is the last bite, then two bites ought to do it, right? I personally tested out that theory at a holiday dinner and it actually worked!  (I just wish I had thought of it when the crackers and brie came out.)

No More Drama

Another resolution I’m making for this upcoming year is to eliminate as much drama as possible from my life.  I remember what my dad told me decades ago—you’re not going to like everybody and not everybody is going to like you.  And that’s okay. It’s taken me most of my adult life to put that advice into practice, but I’m working on it! There are people I know who I describe as putting the “fun” in dysfunctional. Our encounters are fewer and further between, and that’s fine. I would like my fellow diabetics to remember that it’s not only what we eat that affects our blood sugar and blood pressure, and that’s why it’s important to avoid stress wherever possible.

And for my last resolution for the new year, try to do something you actually like every day, whether it’s your work, or hobby, or simply hanging out with friends. Personally, I have resolved to only work with people I enjoy on projects I enjoy. I don’t get up in the morning thinking of the things I have to do, but rather the things I get to do. Makes me a whole lot happier and, my husband tells me, a lot easier to live with!

So these are just a few ideas for worthwhile New Year’s resolutions. Add them to your own. Personalize them. Enjoy them. Just stick with them! Here’s to a happy, healthy New Year!  See you next time!

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