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Here Comes Halloween: Boo or Boo Hoo?

hard to resist Halloween candy kicks of the eating season

Oh no, Halloween is coming. Bad enough that there will be untold numbers of clowns ringing my doorbell this year—I was never a big fan of clowns—but everywhere I look, there are miniature Snickers…and I could swear they’re calling my name. The good news is that I don’t think they make the tiny boxes of Good ‘n Plenty anymore. I always loved Good ‘n Plenty.

It’s not just the one night, you know. While most people consider “The Holidays” to be from Thanksgiving through the end of the year, I have it on good authority (my own) that ‘tis the season from Halloween through Valentine’s Day. Oy vey.

Have you noticed that everything tastes better during the holidays? Somebody’s always baking something, or roasting a turkey, or decking the halls with a wide variety of forbidden goodies.  And I’m not as young as I used to be.  Being good is exhausting!

Well, if I’m going to succeed in not letting the holidays get the best of me—or my waistline (now that I actually have one)—I’d better start now.  First of all, if I turn out my front light, nobody will knock on my door on Halloween.  But then I won’t get to see all the cute little ones in their Spiderman costumes, or whatever else is “in” this year. So I’m going to resort to an old trick. I’m not going to buy any candy that I actually LIKE! Coconut doesn’t do it for me, so I can give out little Mounds bars. They still make those, don’t they? Root beer candy…they can have that too.  OK, I think I might just live through Halloween without seeing the scale go in the wrong direction. (Remember when those talking scales first came out?  I was scared to buy one because I thought if I stepped on it, all I would hear is “Call 9-1-1!”)

Tricks to Try When You Will Power Fails

OK…Thanksgiving is next. That’s one of my signature meals. It could be really problematic, but I think I’ve got it licked. Everything I make is low-fat and low-sugar. Low-fat for my thighs and low-sugar for my A1C.  My weight is actually in a pretty good place for the first time in, well, forever, my type 2 diabetes is actually in remission and I’m not willing to give up either of those things.  Funny thing is that I’ve adjusted the holiday recipes for so many years, nobody misses the extra calories and sugar. And believe me, nobody leaves my house hungry.

I always try to remember one of the basic rules to maintain both an appropriate weight and glucose level: If the best bite of a treat is the first bite, and the next best bite is the last bite, two bites ought to do it, right? Two bites! That’s all it takes to enjoy a guilty pleasure without actually feeling guilty, or deprived, or waiting for that low-sugar crash that can often follow overdoing it.

I’ll make sure I share some of my other tried-and-true techniques for feeding the soul and enjoying the festivities of the season while still being true to our diabetic selves. But first I have to get past Halloween. (They still make Dots, don’t they?)

Boo!  (See you next time!)


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