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Summertime and the Livin' Is (Not So) Easy!

Spring has sprung, 
Fall has fell,
Summer is here,
And it's hotter than...ususal

Surf's UpIt can be hard to resist the many fun temptations that go along with summer, but type 2 writer Nancy Sayles says she's gonna try her darnedest!

Summertime can be the most fun time of year, with vacations on the calendar, the kids out of school, and more temptations than even Halloween with a bowl full of Snickers.

Schedules are thrown off in favor of fun activities, and many people–myself included–find themselves eating on the run, grabbing a bite wherever and whenever it’s convenient. And as the thermometer rises, we’re tempted to wear less in the way of clothing. Yikes!

Personally, I’m trying to head those bad habits off at the pass, that is, trying to replace them with better choices that make me feel better and look better. One of the first things I’ve vowed to do is to keep on the gym schedule I’ve committed myself to throughout the year.  It’s amazing how easy it would be to say: “Not today, I’m too tired, too hot, too busy,” but I’m determined to get there five times a week. By the way, nobody mistakes me for Arnold Schwarzenegger. I don’t kill myself…just 30 to 40 minutes of cardio daily, and three sets on a half-dozen weight machines every other day.  I mean, who am I kidding?

Eating Mindfully At Home

Another thing I’m determined to do is to pay close attention to what I eat when I’m home, which is most of the time. I try to stick to the higher protein—lower carb, diabetes-friendly model that has become second nature to me over the years.  My good-natured, health-conscious husband reminds me that even when we’re socializing with friends, it’s actually more fun to eat in. It not only gives us more control over what we’re eating, but gives us more time to hang out in comfort rather than sitting in a restaurant for an hour, waiting for the bill and then calling it a night.

Not that I object to eating out, by the way, I just make sure I go online to the restaurant’s web site and make my choices in advance. That way, I’m not struggling with guilt and indecision once we get there. Works for me!

I’m also trying to be a little more adventurous as I ease into summer cooking mode. My most recent foray into healthy-and-delicious was my first attempt in ages to make fish tacos. We chose shrimp, which we cooked up in my favorite non-stick wok (it helps to live in a city with a plethora of Chinese and Japanese marketplaces), the salsa was home-made (thank you, husband George), and the small portion of Spanish Rice came courtesy of my favorite Uncle Ben (not really, but close!).  The best find, however, was finding low-carb, whole wheat or multi-grain tortillas! They’re 60 to 80 calories each, with 3 to 5g of carbohydrates, and no guilt! (I looked…no guilt, really!)

One thing that really bothers me about hot summer months is how the scale goes up a couple of pounds in sync with the mercury. I haven’t changed my eating or exercise regimen, so what the heck? As I ponder this question, I catch a glimpse of my arms and think they should belong to some little old lady. Then I stand up a tad too quickly, lose my balance temporarily, and nearly step on the cat. Diagnosis? I’m dehydrated! It’s amazing what happens when I pay the same attention to what I drink as to what I eat!  So, drink, drink, drink. Never go out for any length of time without that trusty water bottle (though personally I’m a fan of unsweetened green tea–not everybody’s cup of, well, you know…). 

Summertime was meant for enjoyment.  It’s just having diabetes and being weight-conscious adds a few extra challenges to the mix. So do what I do…continue the quest for healthy eating and warm-weather ways to stay active. Personally, I welcome those challenges with open (little old lady) arms!

Stay cool. Stay healthy…until next time!

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