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Traveling as a Much Skinnier Mom

Nancy visiting her son in Israel

This past spring was an exciting time of firsts for me. First of all—at least for the purposes of this blog— my weight loss hit a hundred pounds. One hundred pounds! I never thought I’d say those words.  At my last official weigh-in with the doc, I was a pound-and-a- half shy of that mark. After I realized that I had left my shoes on when I got on the scale, I sent a text to the doctor that said, I demand a recount.  His reply was short and sweet. Better luck next time, he said. 

A few days later, I went to Israel to visit my 24-year-old son, Ian, who is teaching English there on a 10-month fellowship. (I’m quite sure that somewhere in the middle of the Negev, there are fourth and fifth-graders walking around saying, “DUDE!”) 

As soon as I arrived, I was impressed with my kid. He spoke fluent Hebrew! He hadn’t uttered a word of it since his Bar Mitzvah, and even then…well, that’s another story. I got off the plane and, because he hadn’t seen me in more than seven months, I thought I’d hear, “Mom!  You lost so much weight!” or “Mom, you look great!”  Instead, I got “Hi, Ma.”  Oh well, he’s a guy.

As he showed me around some of the high points between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, including Masada, the Dead Sea and the Western Wall, we did an awful lot of walking. That’s when I got his attention.  “Hey Mom,” he said with delight, “you never would have been able to do all this exploring before!” And he was right.

So there I was, on my first trip to this breathtakingly-beautiful country, inches away from a weight loss milestone, and being introduced to a whole new menu of some of the most delicious food I’ve ever tasted.  What to do, what to do. 

The Seder spread in Israel



Don’t blow it, I thought. So I remembered the rules I had made for myself and stuck to them. Have a little (and I do mean little) taste of everything. Remember that the best bite of a forbidden treat is the first bite and the next best bite is the last bite, so limit those bites to two! I did that. But, it was Passover, and I was at a Seder in Israel at the home of Ian’s girlfriend, and it was wonderful and warm and incredible. So when I got home, I was prepared to pay the piper…but I didn’t have to!  A hundred pounds officially gone! My strategy had worked.

So while I miss my kid more than I can say, I sure don’t miss those extra pounds. And though the mirror sometimes stops me in my tracks, making me ask who the heck is that person? I’m learning to recognize that it’s me—just a much thinner version. It’s been a long time coming, and a lot of work, but that lady in the mirror is what I’m supposed to look like at this stage of life…and I can live with that (stand by for a new head shot one of these days!).

And as far as my kid saying what I’d like to hear, let me share what he posted on Facebook on Mother’s Day:  Wishing a very Happy Mother's Day to my travel companion, my proof reader, personal chef, and psychologist! Love ya Ma!

Made my day.

See you soon!  Stay well!

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