Diabetes and Anxiety: 10 Ways to Control the Stress

Having a chronic health condition like diabetes can cause anxiety while, at the same time, anxiety can increase your risk of developing diabetes in the first place, and exacerbate your symptoms once the disease takes hold. Here’s what you can do.

Know Your Triggers

Know Your Triggers
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Becoming self aware can help.

Consider situations that make you feel nervous or tense or leave you with an impending sense of doom. So many circumstances, even ordinary, everyday issues, can make you feel anxious, lose sleep, and have trouble concentrating on anything but your troubles. If you can predict what will cause anxiety, you might be able to avoid some of these circumstances. But since anxiety often comes unexpectedly and in spite of your best efforts to avoid it, and having diabetes in and of itself can contribute to your symptoms, you also have to know how to manage symptoms when they arise. (Photo: 123rf)
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