Asthma associated with poor blood sugar control in children

A type 1 diabetes diagnosis can be difficult for children as it is. However, when the condition is combined with other health problems, young people may have a very difficult time controlling their blood sugar levels and remaining healthy.

For example, a recent study published in the journal Pediatrics showed that many children who have type 1 diabetes also have asthma, and this leads to troubles managing glucose levels. This may cause to a range of potentially serious health complications.

For the study, a team of researchers from Kaiser Permanente of Southern California analyzed the health records of nearly 2,000 adolescents with diabetes. The results showed that 11 percent also had asthma. These individuals were more likely to have poorly regulated blood sugar levels, as indicated by HbA1c tests.

The researchers said it is not immediately clear why individuals with asthma would have poorer control over their diabetes. However, they said that asthma can cause systemic inflammation. This may interfere with the activity of insulin in the body, leading to higher blood sugar levels.

Still, they pointed out that the relationship between pulmonary function, body mass index and blood sugar control is complicated in young people. More research may be necessary to understand exactly how asthma impacts an adolescent's blood sugar control.

The findings underscore the importance of taking steps to improve glycemic control. Young people who know they have both type 1 diabetes and asthma should take extra care to ensure that they are managing their condition appropriately. This may mean they need to check their blood sguar levels more frequently and have an insulin dose readily available at all times.