Athletes with type 1 diabetes to complete cross-country run

Many people with type 1 diabetes think their condition will limit what they are able to do when it comes to physical activity. Overexertion can cause glucose levels to drop dangerously low, which may lead to a dangerous health situation.

However, one group of athletes is working to show individuals with the condition what is possible when they manage their health and take active steps to control their blood sugar levels.

Team Type 1 is currently undertaking a 3,000 mile relay event in which runners who have type 1 diabetes will collectively run across the entire U.S. The run will start in Oceanside, California and wrap up in New York City.

The set of athletes have previously competed in endurance bike races and other types of events. Representatives said their goal is to show young people with the condition that they can accomplish nearly anything they want as long as they make efforts to effectively control their blood sugar levels.

"Since the inception of Team Type 1, our athletes with diabetes have been shattering the limits of what is possible," said CEO and founder of the group Phil Southerland. "We are also promoting exercise as a measure to prevent type 2 diabetes and better manage type 1 diabetes."

The cross-country relay run will be completed by 10 different athletes who have type 1 diabetes. The team members have each competed in Iron Man challenges, the Boston Marathon, triathlons and other endurance activities.

While these types of competitions would normally pose problems for glucose management in individuals with type 1 diabetes, the team wants to show that this doesn't have to prevent someone from getting involved.