Moms of children with type 1 diabetes rally for research

Diabetes management can be difficult for anyone with the chronic illness, especially children who develop type 1 diabetes at a young age.

However, for these youngsters, diabetes care may become a family affair, since many parents are responsible for providing insulin injections and shuttling kids back and forth to medical appointments.

Therefore, throughout the week beginning May 8, a group of mothers who have children with type 1 diabetes are asking Americans nationwide to aid in finding a cure for diabetes by supporting the Diabetes Research Institute (DRI). They call themselves the "Real Moms of the DRI Foundation."

Throughout the week, the women will post videos on the institute's website to share stories about their families' experiences with type 1 diabetes.

Real Mom Meredith Buchwald of Weston, Florida, explained that while some mothers deal with their children's eccentric clothing choices and playground disputes, she helps her 5-year-old daughter Lauren count carbohydrates and check her blood glucose levels.

"It's day to day and so difficult. She just can't go over to a friend's for a play date. It has to be planned. As a mom, having a child with diabetes is tough because you turn yourself into a pancreas, and I have done that for Lauren," she said.

One fundraising initiative that the group recently undertook involved offering Mother's Day eCards that supporters can send, along with a donation to diabetes research.

Since summer is just around the corner, the American Diabetes Association offers several tips for parents who want to ensure that their child with type 1 diabetes stays healthy during this time.

After consulting their pediatrician, parents should modify their kid's daily insulin doses to account for increased levels of physical activity during outdoor play. The organization also suggests that caregivers keep plenty of snacks on-hand while traveling and ensure that children drink enough water throughout the day.