New app helps individuals with type 1 diabetes track their injections

Among the many travails faced by individuals with type 1 diabetes, the need for regular insulin injections is among the most burdensome. This can disrupt their day and has been known to make same individuals wary of leaving home for extended periods, as they are uncomfortable about being away from their testing and injection supplies.

However, a new smartphone application may help alleviate some of this burden. Technology company Linxter recently announced the release of a program that helps diabetics and individuals with other conditions keep track of their shots.

The app, called TrackMyShots, allows users to keep a log of all their daily injections. This helps them have a better idea of where their blood sugar stands and know when they are likely to need another shot.

Originally developed for people with multiple sclerosis, another condition that requires frequent injections, the app is designed to replace bulky and inconvenient log books. The company’s founder and CEO Jason Milgram said this can be a major burden for individuals with conditions like type 1 diabetes that require frequent injections.

Unlike a physical log book, diabetics can take the app with them on a device that they would be carrying anyway. Additionally, the program offers users the option to set up injection schedules ahead of time and will send email reminders when the injection time is approaching.

This could provide individuals with type 1 diabetes a measure of peace of mind that they wouldn’t be able to attain from a paper log. Many people with the condition cite managing their blood sugar as their top disease-related concern. This can have a significant impact on their quality of life. However, the new tool could alleviate some of these concerns.