Nick Jonas encourages newly diagnosed type 1 diabetics to share encouraging stories

Being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes can make a young person feel down. The condition may mean they will have to change many aspects of their life. However, pop star Nick Jonas is working to tell adolescents that they can still live fulfilling lives with the condition.

Jonas, who has type 1 diabetes himself, recently partnered with the pharmaceutical company Bayer to create a contest for other young people with the condition. Entrants are asked to share their inspirational stories about overcoming challenges associated with living with the condition. The winner will get to meet Jonas and appear in a video with the pop star.

The goal of the contest is to help newly diagnosed teens understand that their condition shouldn’t change any of their life goals. Through proper disease management, a person with type 1 diabetes can still accomplish everything they would have been able to if they did not have the condition.

“I am continually moved by the feedback I get from people who tell me that I've inspired them because of my diabetes," Jonas said. "In turn, I am just as motivated by their diabetes stories. It's important to me to give back to others and support the diabetic community with opportunities to learn about diabetes and how to live a full life in spite of it.”

He added that proper management of blood sugar levels is the most important thing for a person with type 1 diabetes. The only real way health problems can slow a person down is if they ignore their glucose levels by failing to test regularly. However, staying on top of these things can allow a person with the condition to be successful in their life goals, as Jonas has proven.