Use of insulin pumps grows among type 1 diabetics

Insulin pumps can make it much easier for individuals with type 1 diabetes to manage their condition, as the technology allows for the delivery of a regular supply of insulin straight into the blood stream when it is needed. This means that diabetics can limit the number of times each day that they need to take injections.

A new report indicates that use of the technology is growing. The paper from Research and Markets says that part of the reason for the growth in the use of insulin pumps is the simple fact that more people are being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. However, other factors may account for the trend.

The researchers estimated that about 400,000 of the 3 million type 1 diabetics in the U.S. currently use insulin pumps. Technological advancements have made the devices much more affordable, which has accounted for a significant portion of the increase in usage.

Additionally, the report says that pharmaceutical companies have partnered with medical researchers to fund the development of improved insulin pumps. The technology is now in many cases more reliable and effective than it was several years ago.

Insulin pumps could soon become even more effective. Currently most devices need to be programmed for how much insulin to deliver based on blood sugar tests. However, a group of researchers from the University of Cambridge is currently developing a pump that would constantly perform blood tests itself. It would then be capable of automatically delivering insulin as needed.

Such an advance in insulin pump technology may result in even faster adoption. This could have a major impact on the treatment of type 1 diabetes, as the University of Cambridge researchers pointed out that studies have shown patients tend to achieve better glucose control with the help of insulin pumps.