Former NFL star warns type 2 diabetics of dangers of low blood sugar

Most individuals with type 2 diabetes are primarily concerned with high blood sugar levels, and for good reasons. Excess glucose in the arteries can lead to a number of health complications like heart disease, blindness and kidney failure. However, exceptionally low levels of blood sugar can also be dangerous.

Retired NFL star and current radio talk show host Mike Golic recently partnered with the American College of Endocrinology to try to educate individuals about the problem of low blood sugar.

Golic said that in the past he would simply ignore the problem. However, after dealing with the consequences of low blood sugar, he has begun managing his levels more tightly.

"As a former professional athlete, I'm used to hiding pain and injuries, so when I started to feel increasingly dizzy and shaky during a tough workout, I pushed through it until I realized I needed to stop and eat something to get my blood sugar up," Golic said. "Now that I've learned more about the causes and symptoms of low blood sugar, I can take steps to help avoid it."

Low glucose levels most commonly cause individuals to feel dizzy, weak, anxious or tired. However, drops in blood sugar can also result in loss of consciousness. If this happens in the middle of certain activities like an intense workout or driving, it can cause serious harm.

Golic said this is why it is important for individuals to manage their glucose. While allowing levels to climb too high can be a serious issue, letting blood sugar drop too far can also be a problem. Regular testing is one of the most important parts of managing glucose.