Gifts that Diabetics Will Appreciate

Gifts that Focus on Healthy Living and Healthy Eating

Of course, buying a gift for someone with diabetes isn't any different from buying a gift for someone without diabetes: in both scenarios, you should take into consideration what the person likes, what they already have, and what they don't have (but would certainly appreciate). The list below does just that—gives you some ideas for what a person with diabetes might need or appreciate.

Many of the ideas focus on healthy living: healthy eating with diabetes or exercising with diabetes, for example. We hope this list will help you give a much-appreciated gift to someone with either type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes.

1. Fresh food of the month clubs are wonderful. You can order vegetables or fruit and extend the holiday giving over a year.

fruit club

2. If your friend lives in a cold climate, think of warm gloves, thermal socks, cashmere scarves, or warm hats. These will keep the cold winter winds out and the stress on organs lower.

3. Exercise machines are welcome. Make sure you select an appropriate one in terms of space needed and skills.

4. Hire a personal trainer for a number of sessions. There is no better way of saying "I love you and want you to live a long life" than to share good health.

5. A health club membership or a series of yoga classes.

yoga class

6. A massage or facial.

7. If the person with diabetes needs to be in contact with others because of health issues, think of a cell phone. This will help allay anxiety when they are alone.

8. If you have youngsters on your list, how about lessons in Karate, dancing, fencing, basketball, or whatever?

9. A good book on health written by a major teaching hospital to use as a reference is always helpful.

10. An indoor grill or a grooved pan to use on the stove for cooking—the lines on the meat are worth it as the fat drains away.

11. A slow cooker. There's nothing better than leaving for work and coming home to a cooked dinner at the end of the day. 

12. Give the gift of travel to an important person in your life. Plane tickets and hotel reservations in a special city or resort will be welcomed. How about a weekend or week at a spa someplace you've always wanted to visit?

Barcelona hotel

13. One of those new small cameras that take both regular and wide angle shots might be just the thing. What could be easier than a camera that fits in your pocket and that takes panorama shots of scenic views or the whole family at a reunion?

14. A small color TV for the kitchen makes cooking more tolerable to those who can't miss a favorite show.

15. A garage door opener for the person who has difficulty raising and lowering theirs will always be welcome. Nowadays this is more a necessity than a luxury, so if mom doesn't have one, now is the time to get her one.

16. A new bicycle or other sports equipment for anyone on your list is another thought. All of us have old athletic stuff in the garage, but the technology has made them obsolete. Find out what sport turns him or her on, and buy the newest gadget or equipment you can find.

cruiser bike

17. A gift of music is a joy. Send tickets to the symphony, the opera, a rock concert, or to a jazz festival.

18. Donate money to your friend's favorite charity in their name and enclose that notice with a small gift or holiday card.

19. Give hand, feet, and body creams to your friend with diabetes. This will help with dry skin and allow for easier blood glucose monitoring, but more than that, it will make your friend feel good.  (Plus, taking good care of your feet is essential for people with diabetes; we all want to avoid diabetic neuropathy, as you can learn about on our sister site, EndocrineWeb.)

Updated on: July 26, 2017
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