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Sick Day Tips for People with Diabetes

Monitoring Your Blood Glucose and Ketones
April 20, 2011
When you are sick with diabetes, it is vital to allow yourself a sick day. Use your sick day to alertly manage diabetes. You will monitor blood glucose, temperature, and other key indicators to make sure that you can recover from your sickness quickly—and with your blood glucose levels in control.

Educate Your Co-workers about Diabetes

Education Reduces the Workplace Diabetes Bias
April 20, 2011
You can dismiss many diabetes-related biases by educating co-workers and your employer about diabetes.

How to Travel Well with Diabetes

April 20, 2011
Traveling with diabetes requires you prepare to manage your blood glucose on the road. Get quick travel tips, such as how much insulin and medication to bring so that you can manage your diabetes no matter where you are.

Traveling with Insulin

Travel Tips for People with Diabetes
April 20, 2011
When you travel with insulin, you can use ice to keep your insulin vials cold, as long as you use insulated containers like thermoses. Get tips for travelling (including camping) with insulin when you have diabetes.

Diabetes and Driving

Driving Tips for People with Diabetes
April 18, 2011
Usually diabetes does not affect driving safety, but people with diabetes need to know how it can. This article provides tips for safely handling diabetes while driving.
Sick Day Management for People with Diabetes

Sick Day Management for People with Diabetes

Being ill or injured can make your blood sugar hard to manage. Get tips for staying in control of your diabetes when you're feeling under the weather.
April 13, 2011
If you have diabetes, make a sick day management plan now to help you take good care of your body so that you can heal faster.

Cruising with Diabetes

March 11, 2011
Gifts that Diabetics Will Appreciate

Gifts that Diabetics Will Appreciate

Gifts that Focus on Healthy Living and Healthy Eating
March 11, 2011
Consult this list for gift ideas that a person with diabetes might need or appreciate.

Have Diabetes, Can Fly

Adjusting Insulin and Monitoring Blood Glucose Levels in the Air
September 01, 2003
Get travel tips for flying with diabetes: how to adjust your insulin schedule, how to pack diabetes supplies, making sure you have enough of your diabetes medications, and more.

Slumber Parties When Your Child Has Diabetes

May 01, 2000
Just because your child has diabetes, they don't have to miss out on normal childhood things, such as sleepovers. Read this article for slumber party tips--with special considerations for children with diabetes.