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Episode 26: Losing Alec, Rationing Insulin Until Pay Day

How the High Cost of Insulin Took a Young Life

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Nicole Smith-Holt

The price of insulin in the US has more than doubled since 2012. As a result, the cost of this life-saving hormone is out of reach for many people with diabetes. Some try to make it last longer by rationing the expensive substance—putting their lives at risk.

Alec Smith tragically lost his life in June 2017, a few weeks after his 26th birthday, from a condition known as diabetic ketoacidosis—a consequence of dangerously high blood sugar. His family believes he had been rationing insulin in an attempt to make it to his next payday when he would have the money to purchase more.

Nicole Smith-Holt, Alec's mother, shares her son's sad story and explains what can be done to combat this troubling problem. 

To learn more, read Quinn's article about the high cost of insulin. 



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