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Episode 33: Quinn's Caravan to Canada

A Group of Type 1s is Traveling North to Buy Insulin for Less

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bus with Canadian flagJoin Quinn's Caravan to Canada to buy affordable insulin and protest the high cost of this life-saving medication in the US.

The Diabetes Dish caught up with Quinn Nystrom, author, advocate and OnTrack Diabetes type 1 blogger who is leading a bus full of people with diabetes to Canada where insulin is affordable.

In Canada all types of insulin are available, without a prescription, for about $30 per vial. In the United States, that same vial costs $395. (Note: Insulin costs less than $10 a vial to manufacture.)

In this 20-minute conversation Quinn explains how we got here, why she's so passionate about the issue and what you can do to keep pressure on big pharma and the government. Plus why she and others can't use the low-cost insulin sold at Walmart.

For more information and to get involved with the #insulin4all movement, visit



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