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Episode 7: Cat Talks Type 1 and Tackling the Appalachian Trail

Cat Pugh, a 23-year-old with type 1 diabetes is setting out in mid-February to hike the Appalachian Trail (A.T.). The recent college grad will be accompanied by two buddies who do not have diabetes. The threesome hopes to make it from their starting point—Springer Mountain, Georgia—to the end of the trail— Mount Katahdin, Maine— sometime in August. Cat fell in love with the trail and the unique comraderie of the hiking culture when a relative introduced her to it a few years ago.That's when she decided on the goal of completing all 2,000 plus miles of the A.T. Hiking the rugged terrain takes physical preparation and mental toughness, along with a few other essentials like the right shoes! In this podcast Cat reveals how she prepared, what she'll do to keep her Dexcom CGM and t-slim G4 pump charged and other fun facts. You can read her profile story here. Or just listen to the podcast. 

Cat the Type 1 Hiker

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