Almond Pro Flour Recipes

Growing up as the daughter of a dietitian has its pros and cons. Teaching me how to eat and appreciate healthy food—pro! Feeding me whole wheat Chex and telling me they are chocolate—con. At age 10, I wasn’t thrilled to find out the chocolate cereal I had been eating was actually whole wheat, but at age 22 I have a huge appreciation for it.

I guess my mom's focus on nutrition rubbed off on me. I love experimenting with recipes to find healthy substitutions for my favorite foods.

According to registered dietitian (and my mom) Jodi Godfrey , non-wheat flours such as almond flour are a much healthier option for everyone, not just people with diabetes. I put together this collectionusing almond flour as it works well for both sweet and savory dishes and provides a delicious nutty, high protein meal. Check out these recipes for some of my favorite foods and snacks!

—Recipes courtesy of Rena Meisler, daughter of Jodi Godfrey, RD, and editor of EndocrineWeb, a sister website of OnTrack Diabetes.