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Diabetics need to plan prior to undergoing surgery

September 30, 2011
Surgery can be a frightening prospect for just about anyone. However, for those who suffer from type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes, a medical procedure can potentially cause a serious medical situation.

Advancements in biotechnology could soon lead to improved type 1 diabetes treatments

September 27, 2011
Currently, the only real treatment a person with type 1 diabetes has available to them is insulin injections. Since their body is unable to produce the hormone itself, patients are dependent on regular injections whenever their blood sugar levels rise too high.

Asthma associated with poor blood sugar control in children

September 26, 2011
A type 1 diabetes diagnosis can be difficult for children as it is. However, when the condition is combined with other health problems, young people may have a very difficult time controlling their blood sugar levels and remaining healthy.

Company announces development of implantable glucose monitor

September 14, 2011
For individuals with type 1 diabetes, the frequent need to test their blood sugar may be the most burdensome part of the condition. However, a new device may spare many people with the condition from having to test their glucose throughout the day.

Athletes with type 1 diabetes to complete cross-country run

September 13, 2011
Many people with type 1 diabetes think their condition will limit what they are able to do when it comes to physical activity. Overexertion can cause glucose levels to drop dangerously low, which may lead to a dangerous health situation.

Drinking may pose health risk for type 1 diabetics

September 09, 2011
Individuals with type 1 diabetes are generally warned to avoid drinking alcohol in excess. The reason is it can lower blood sugar levels, which may be dangerous in people who have impaired metabolic health.

Nick Jonas encourages newly diagnosed type 1 diabetics to share encouraging stories

September 08, 2011
Being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes can make a young person feel down. The condition may mean they will have to change many aspects of their life.

College athlete proves what is possible with type 1 diabetes

September 01, 2011
The work required to manage type 1 diabetes can be daunting as it is, but trying to compete against some of the world's best athletes at the same time can make things even more difficult. Yet, this is the situation facing Florida State Seminoles running back Ty Jone

Bret Michaels rocks out for type 1 diabetes

August 29, 2011
The rock and roll lifestyle is not exactly synonymous with healthy choices. However, in the case of musician and reality TV star Bret Michaels, it has to be.

Vaccines not linked to health complications like type 1 diabetes, study finds

August 26, 2011
In recent years, some evidence suggested that childhood vaccines increase a young person's risk of developing diseases like type 1 diabetes and autism. This touched off a wave of concern from parents, some of whom chose to stop getting their children inoculated against certain diseases.