Yoga and Diabetes: 6 Easy Poses for Better Blood Sugar

Living with diabetes means knowing how to lower high blood sugar. I get it, I live with diabetes (type 1), too. I'm a certified yoga instructor and these 6 poses are part of my daily diabetes management routine. Click through this slideshow to learn how to do each one. You can also watch a 12-minute video demonstration here

#1 Half Dog or Child's Pose

#1 Half Dog or Child's Pose
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Lengthen and Rejuvenate Your Spine

Perfect for anyone at any level, this pose is a great warm-up for the upper body and it brings fresh nutrients to the spine. If you have sensitive knees, cushion them with a folded towel.

  1. Come on to your hands and knees.

  2. Keeping your knees in line with your hips, gently stretch your arms out in front of you along the mat until you feel a stretch in your spine and the front of your arm pits.

  3. Take your arms as wide as the mat to create space for your head and neck.
  4. Make sure you keep your chest open and lifted away from the floor.

  5. If your forehead easily touches the floor turn your head to the side and rest your cheek on the floor.

  6. Take 10 slow breaths.

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